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10 legit ways to get free PayPal money

There’s a growing number of population that tends to work from home. If you’re among this huge percentage, you surely have a paypal account and you have surrly source for a means to get free PayPal money once in your lifetime.

Well, today your search is coming to an end. You might think I’m crazy. How will someone wake up in the morning you get free PayPal money?

That’s probably the question running through your mind, right? Do not worry got you covered.

I know you are getting excited to see this trick. Well, it is 100% legit and we will show you 10 ways to get free PayPal money everyday into your PayPal account.

I guess you are excited now. Before you can access free PayPal money some things must be put in place.

Whether you want to work from home or not, it is important to have a paypal account.

Many people use paypal to an online purchases an receive money online. It is a free payment gateway to make transactions across the globe no matter where you are.

What is paypal?

Paypal is an online payment gateway that allows you to send and receive money online. Many people have PayPal accounts and use it to shop online. All you have to do is create one with your correct details and link your credit card or debit card to it and start sending and receiving money.

How to get PayPal money?

There are many ways you can get PayPal money and they are not always free. Many people usePayPal as their main account forreceiving and sending money. here are the different ways to get PayPal money:

1. Freelancing: Freelancing websites like fiverr, upwork and freelancer. When you perform a task,you get paid via PayPal.

Here are the 10 legit way to earn free paypal money

1. Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a reward program that pays you for carrying out tasks such as surveys, referrals, polls, online shopping, surfing the web via swagbucks and polls.

Swagbucks gives you free instant $10 for sign up and you can get it in your paypal account. They also offer gifts and rewards. If you use it on a daily basis, you can be making $300 monthly as free paypal money.

2. Utest: uTest is a platform that usually hires people to test apps. They pay you directly to your paypal account just to test an app and keep it on your phone. There was a Tim they were paying up to $500 monthly to people for keeping a facebook research ap in their phones. However, you must meet certain cinditions before using it.

3. Gigwalk: With this app also you can earn free paypal money. Gigwalk allows you to choose between raaks that take very little of your Time to complete. You can earn anhthing from $3 to $100 by just completing tasks on gigwalk. The gigwalk app is available on both apple and playstore. The gigs are available across USA and Canada. All payments are made via paypal.

4. Slicethepie: This one helps to get free paypal money online also. When you login your account, allyou have to do is writ a reviewand rate differemt things. This produxts are usually in the music, fashion, mobile phones and accessories. You also get to choosw what category you want.

5. Netspend:

Netspend give you free $20 cash into you paypal account. You just have to request for a prepaid eeloadavle card after sign up.You get this money once you low a minimum of $40.

6. Ebates: This one pays you to sign up for free. You could pocket $10 on just signing up. They also grant free paypal money in form of cashbacks when you shop online. You will b awarded a percentage of your money back.

7. Qmee: Speaking of caahbacks to shopping, qmee is quite like ebates. The only difference is that ebates grants you cashbacks while qmee pays you into your paypal account drectly. Qmee, in fact, is a browser extension which will pop up related products every time you engage in a search for a product online. You are not obliged to buy or even click on that product – though you will still get free PayPal money. Qmee is an extension that show related products she you want to make online purchases.

8. Perk: Perk pays you in a quite difderent way. You get rewarded with point which are knowns as perk points doe using their app to carry out entertainment, shopping, searching, trivia and more. You can redeem this perk points and turn it into paypal money. For example, you watch some movie trailers and ake up son pop quizes on perk, you earn about 50 perk points which you can redeem to cash.

9. Opinionoutpost: Has anyone ever told you that your opinion doesn’t matter? Well, in this caseit matters a lot. Opinionoutpost pays you for your opinion. Once you have completed the free sign-up, you can start taking paid online surveys which will be mailed to you. The points you accumulate can then be redeemed to make free PayPal money.

10. Useresting: Website owners find peooe who will help the test their wensite an given honest opinion for it. They pay usertesting to do so. Usertesting finds people who will test websites and pay them in points which will later be redeemed to paypal money.

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