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12 proven ways to make money online in Nigeria before the end of the year

There are different ways to make money online in Nigeria easily. Some may require investments, while others may not. Either way, I am going to show you the best tricks and guides to make cool cash online by just going 2-3hours work with your smartphone or laptop.

Many people still don’t believe online earning opportunities exist. Well, I am here to clear your doubts because I am also an online earner and I once doubted this.

I thought the only way to make money online is by scamming people, which I don’t like. After intensive research and trials, I have seen 12 amazing ways to earn big online in Nigeria.

If you also believe you can make money online in Nigeria but you have not started, it’s probably because you have been hindered by some factors. Factors that may hinder someone from making money online include:
Payment gateway

  • Scam
  • Capitals
  • Time
  • Resources

If you have ever been hindered by any of these things, then I have good news for you. No more!
Here are 12 proven ways to make money online before the year runs out:

1. Affiliate marketing: Let me just briefly explain what affiliate marketing is:

  1. You find a product
  2. Promote that product
  3. Make people buy through you or your link
  4. Get paid.

Affiliate marketing is as simple as that and it is still an untapped way of making money online in Nigeria. All you have to do is sign up as an affiliate on jumia, konga, qservers, whogohost or any other affiliate market you know. After signing up, you will get access to your account/dashboard where you will get your own unique referral link which you invite people to buy from.

For every sale you make, you earn a particular commission, depending on the network or product. Affiliate marketing Also means having the sense to attract people to actually purchase your product. With this, you must know how to entice them through your words or videos.

2. eBook: If you are good at writing, then this is for you. A kindle eBook is still surprisingly an untapped way to make money online in Nigeria. Not many people have the time to be creating ebooks and selling them but it is very lucrative especially when you know who to sell to.

If you have a WordPress blog, woocommerce plugin seems to come in handy for this. You can also sell your eBook on Amazon, shopify, or kindle. All you need to do is find a problem and create a solution to the problem. A kindle eBook can go a long way in making you a millionaire.

The best things is that only one eBook is need to Make you $1,000 every month. If you find a pressing problem a lot of people are facing, and can create a solution to it, then you are going to surely become a millionaire.

The most important thing to do is marketing and advertising. If you don’t create a awareness for your eBook, then you have wasted a lot of time in putting that eBook together.

3. YouTube: YouTube is also one of the most amazing ways to make money online in this country. Over 1 billion people use YouTube everyday and you have the potential to reach over one billion people.

However, you must know what people want to watch and give them the right content.

Below is a list of some of the most watched contents on YouTube:

>> Tutorials: People love to acquire more and new knowledge about a particular thing. You could be the one serving this knowledge to millions of people across the globe.

Setup a YouTube channel with a professional name and start creating by our own videos. You can teach magic tricks, food recipes, math, piano, guitar, drums, or any thing worth learning.

>> Comedy: Another amazing thing people love is comedy. Either a skit or stand up comedy, people love it. Once you are funny and you make them laugh, they will subscribe to your channels and you can start placing ads on it.

A comedy channel has a lot of subscribers, especially those short skits. Skits that make people laugh and teach moral lessons can go a long way.

>> Sell Products: On YouTube. You can also do a product review or sell your own product. This way, you attract more foreign customers and earn in two ways: your ads and products.

Selling of products must be well detailed including pictures and proofs that the product actually works. You font want to sell a bad product to someone from YouTube, you will get nasty comments and people will not visit your channel anymore.

>>Movie review and thrillers: With the way people watch movie thrillers on youtube, you can get a higher amount of subscribers for your channel.

4. Blogging: Blogging is an online business that has really kicked off in Nigeria over recent years. Anybody can start a blog, however, not everyone can manage a blog.

Blogging takes time, patience and consistency to reach what you desire. The title of this post is “35 proven ways to make money online in Nigeria before the end of this year”. It doesn’t mean blogging will make you cool cash before the end of the year but it will aid your finances online.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, i suggest you go for a niche website (will be explained later in this post).

Blogging has a lot of misconceptions that Nigerian people believe. It takes about 6 months to successfully start running your blog and earn a decent income.

This can also be achieved in less than 3 months if you have the tools and finance. One thing about becoming a blogger is that it opens you to new things and job opportunities.

5. Sell services on fiverr: Fiverr is a freelancing network where freelancers find jobs to do. You get paid after each completed task on fiverr. You can offer to sell services like article writing, graphic design, animation, software development, web development etc.

When you contact your client and deliver the work, you’ll get paid via a payment gateway. Simply sign up on, you also get $ 5for everyone you refer to buy a service on fiverr.

There are great tricks to earn more on fiverr. The most sought out gigs in fiverr are graphic designs, animations, software development, content writing and few other stuffs. You can be making more than $50 daily doing freelancing work.

6. Membership site: A membership site is simply a website where people pay to join. You can start a tutorial or give freebies on membership site. All you have to do is contact a web designer to build for you or learn it online (which may not be perfect).

A membership site can generate 200k monthly just like a college tutorial. It is a very amazing way to make money online in Nigeria and it is untapped.

Many parents tend to enroll their kids in extra lessons if you can create a site where parents pay you teach them, the you will be making a huge income online with that alone.

7. Micro niche blogs: A micro niche blog is a blog that talks about only one specific topic. It is easier to rank on Google and you do not need much stress. With 10 – 20 quality posts, you are good to go. You need SEO knowledge to keep it running well.

To create your micro niche blog, you can choose between the two best platforms: WordPress or blogger. On WordPress you have more advanced features and full SEO support.

8. CPA marketing: CPA marketing is one cool way to make money online easily in Nigeria. CPA simply means “Cost Per Action”. You get paid when you refer somebody to tale an action. That action may include any of the following:

  • Signing up
  • Filling email addresses
  • Downloading or anything the network chooses it to be.

CPA marketing has not really kicked off in Nigeria and not many people know the different tricks to make money with this method. CPA marketing is really cool and can make you up to $100 daily.

All you have to do is find a nice CPA network, sign up with them and you will get your unique referral link. After that, start promoting it. Very easy.

CPA marketing is very cool for people who also know about affiliate marketing because they are very alike, except that, CPA marketing doesn’t always require somebody to make a purchase. The action is less strenuous than that of affiliate marketing.

There are many CPA networks you can join:
Revenuehits, targeleon, powerhouse affiliate etc. These are all amazing CPA networks that will sky rocket your online earning. The best thing about these networks is that, it is available for Nigerians and payment method is by payoneer, bank account or PayPal.

9. Sell photos: I know many have not heard about this amazing opportunity let me tell you today that you can make money online by just selling your photos. If you have a good camera and want to be making money off your photography, this is for you. Many companies have fallen victim of copyright and have been sued.

Copyright is a big offense in the business sector, as such, many companies, individuals, firms, stores pay people to help them with non-copyright photos. You can sell your photos on draagu app and start making money everyday.

10. Teach your language: Many foreigners have been searching for ways to learn African languages. This is a great addition to those who can speak and understand their dialect very well. You can create a membership website and offer to be teaching any language you can speak.

All you have to do is pay a web designer to help you create that amazing website. After that, you get to create a class and timetable. Also, you can attach a payment method for anyone that wants to buy digital textbooks through your site.

That way, you get paid when they register and also when you sell your text books. It is n UN tapped and a very amazing way yo make money online. Many Africans do not know about this and they don’t take their time to make researches but it is very cool if you have passion for teaching.

There are many ways to reach these foreigners:

  • Facebook groups
  • Reddit forums
  • Quora

11. Sell on Jumia: Jumia is an online store for buying and selling. Most people only know you can buy products from Jumia, very few are using it to sell their products. If you have bulk products you will like to sell, due it on Jumia because it is the best way to sell them fast.

Jumia is visited by millions of people and there are always cool products to sell on Jumia. You can sell anything ranging from shoes, belt, clothing, phones, bags, sandals, home appliances and books. There are also many things you can actually sell on jumia and make your money.

Also, Jumia offers a free training for their retailers almost every Thursday. You will get tips on promoting your business through this training and they will train you on how to use your retailers dash board.

12. mini importation: Have you heard of this? Mini importation simply means buying something at a cheaper price abroad and shipping it into your country for sale at a much more higher price. Mini import at I on can be achieved in two ways:

  1. Digitally
  2. Physically

You can decide to sell your goods online and be making money. This is possible through an online store or social media page. If you can do this, you are sure to start making money online.
Physically involves opening a small or larger store and selling your products.

Like all other businesses, you need capital to start your business. You can start Mimi importation with just N10000 and grow it into N500000 business in less than a year. Patience is very important in any business and it doesn’t exclude mini importation

So now that you have seen the different ways to make money online in Nigeria easily, i hope you will put them in practice and see which one works for you.

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