5 things to think about before your first sex

5 things to think about before your first sex

Remembering their first time having sex, many realize that despite all the awkwardness on the way to the desired, the most memorable moment was the moment of union with their partners. Those who are about to have sex for the first time should calm their excitement down and think everything over thoroughly. It’s crucial to be sure of what you’re going to do. These five questions will help you make the right decision.

5 things to think about before your first sex

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1) Why do you want to lose your virginity?

– I want to be closer to my partner, and I know that we’re ready
– It’ll be cool
– Because my partner and some of my friends have already done this

What does your answer mean?

Sex is an awesome experience, but don’t worry if your first sexual intercourse wasn’t as amazing as they show in movies. This is absolutely normal and, like in many other aspects of life, everything comes with experience, so your sexual life will only get better. But if you think about the first sex just because everyone around you already tried it, slow down. You’ll get much more respect from them and, which is most important, feel self-respect if you wait until you’re truly ready.

2) Why do you think you’re ready?

– I’m confident about myself
– My friends say I’m ready
– My partner says I’m ready

What does your answer mean?

You’re the only person who can know for sure whether you’re ready or not for your first sex, and you don’t need someone’s confirmation or approval. If you’re asking for your friends’ or partner’s opinion to be sure of your confidence, then your time hasn’t come yet, especially if you don’t know how to have sex for the first time. Hopefully, you managed to pick up a smart girl or boy so you need to discuss everything with your partner and remember that it’s absolutely normal if you want to wait. If you feel confident in your decision, and you’re comfortable with it, then go ahead and do it.

3) What should you do before losing virginity?

– Take care of safety
– Stop talking about something serious, so as not to make your partner nervous
– Make your partner confess love

What does your answer mean?

It’s great if your answer is “A,” as it means that you’re thinking about protecting yourself and your partner from the unwanted consequences of a night of love. If you’re not ready to talk about sex and related responsibilities, you probably should wait for a bit. What you really feel is very important, so trust your instincts. Oh, and if you keep asking questions like “does sex hurt the first time,” rest easy, it doesn’t. Not if you’re a guy at least.

4) What if something goes wrong?

– I know that I can discuss it with my partner
– It depends on what’s wrong. Some things can be ignored
– Each of us will discuss the problems with our friends, as it’s easier than talking with each other

What does your answer mean?

When it comes to sex, not everything always goes according to plan, but the opportunity to discuss potential problems with someone you really trust can relieve unwanted stress. This can strengthen your relationship, and when working on minor troubles, you’ll only make your sex life better. If you feel uncomfortable talking about sex with your partner, you’re rushing things out. Wait until you’re ready for such conversations.

5) Imagine yourself naked in front of your partner. How do you feel?

– Calm and confident
– A little nervous
– Awkward and helpless

What does your answer mean?

If you feel like the sexiest person on Earth next to your soul mate, that’s fine. But don’t worry if you’re not yet ready to appear naked before her. Being nervous is quite normal in this case, but if you’re still worried about having sex for the first time, it’s worth considering whether you’re ready or not because trusting your partner is very important for beginning your sexual life.

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