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Best Etisalat/9Mobile Data Plan For 2018

  • Presently, it’s comfirmed…  Etisalat is currently dead and covered, it’s officially 9Mobile.
Affirm… back to 9Mobile Data Plans.
Now and then I ask myself, why is 9Mobile Internet band so steady and quick, while the GRAND MASTER OF DATA kept coming up short with regards to giving shoddy data plan.
9Mobile data plan in Nigeria are the quickest in my experience utilizing every one of the four (4) noteworthy portable network in Nigeria – MTN, GLO and AIRTEL.
Without skirting the real issue, I will simply go straight to the point and influence this to review far reaching, particular and significant.
Beneath, you’ll read a full rundown of the best 9Mobile data for Android, Cheap 9Mobile data for Windows, Top moderate 9Mobile data for iPhone, least expensive 9Mobile data packs for PC and 9Mobile web groups for MiFi, Modem, Java telephones, Symbian and so forth.
Before we proceed, I need to tell you that these plans will take a shot at a gadget and system. It doesn’t make a difference in case you’re utilizing a 3G mobile, 4G LTE upheld mobile or the amazing 2G band gadget. It’s ideal for all gadget.

Here are the various internet data for 9Mobile network in Nigeria; 

Daily Data Plans

Looking to access the internet on Etisalat for only 24 hours?

These bundles will let you do just that without implanting a hole in your pocket.

10MB for ₦50

Ok, compared to the 30MB Globacom offers you for this same price, this is appalling ? but it’s a nice improvement from what used to be possible.

With a validity of just one day, you get 10MB to surf the internet on Etisalat for just ₦50.

To opt-in

Dial *229*3*8# 

40MB for ₦100 

In the event that ₦100 is all you need to surf the net with, you’re qualified for 40MB on Etisalat. That 40MB is legitimate for 24hours.

To select in, 

Dial *229*3*1# 

Weekly Data Plans 

7 days sort of stuff. ?

150MB for ₦200 

How they came to close on offering this specific package still confuses me as “ordinary” weekly packages are commonly around the ₦500 check (that is the thing that we are used to). In any case, damnation! It’s a decent plan at any rate.
At ₦200, you will be giving 150MB which is legitimate for 7 days.

To buy in 

Dial *229*2*10#

Weekend Plan 

Airtel began this “committed weekend plan frenzy” offering 1GB for ₦100, at that point GLO went with the same pattern and presented a night + weekly cross breed at an extremely sensible cost. Presently, this is what Etisalat brings to the table.

1GB for ₦500 

In respect to other weekly plan, this one may at present be on the higher end of the value range for most people – Hell, Glo offers 3GB for this same sum!
Be that as it may, most clients would concur with me that Etisalat’s web association is more solid than other portable network suppliers’ in many areas in Nigeria.
For ₦500, you approach the web (topped at 1GB) for one weekend – between Friday 11:59 PM and Sunday 11:59 PM.

You need access? 

Dial *5995*2# 

Monthly Data Plans 

Long haul things ?

500MB for ₦500 

Go and look anyplace, Etisalat is the main network supplier in Nigeria that has a monthly data plan offer at this cost.
With such section level cost for a monthly subscription, this arrangement is focused towards light web clients who have extremely fundamental web needs.
Here and there, I think about this plan as Etisalat’s answer to Airtel’s Opera Mini Bundle (which gives 250MB for ₦300 substantial for a month and usable just on Opera Mini) or Facebook’s Free Basics (free access to the web, affability Airtel) with media.
This arrangement is legitimate for 30 days.

To get this package, 

Dial *229*2*12# 

1GB for ₦1,000

Just the same old thing new, not amazing, simply typical. With “1000naira” you could be 1GB wealthier for 30days.
Contrasted with the opposition, this is poor (I know), however that is the reason there’s the opposition. You have many better choices.

To pick in 

Dial *229*2*7# 

1.5GB for ₦1,200

Etisalat does not regard it fit for people who have only a thousand naira to enjoy what is being delighted in from the greater part of the other network suppliers.
Commonly, for ₦200 less, 1.5GB is the thing that you get from MTN and Airtel.
Glo even offers 3.2GB for that sum!
Go and view, on Etisalat, you pay more, and get far less. ?

To get 1.5GB on Etisalat for ₦1.2k;

Dial *229*2*25# 

2.5GB for ₦2,000 

Half a month prior, I was upbeat Etisalat was abruptly getting less expensive and afterward bam!
The costs shoot up once more. ?
The 2.5GB plan is substantial for a month and costs ₦2k.

To get this plan, 

Dial *229*2*8# 

3.5GB for ₦2,500 


To select in; 

Dial *229*2*26#

5GB for ₦3,500  

Legitimate for 30 days, 5GB could be yours insofar as you can drop “only” ₦3,500 on the table for Etisalat.

To buy in,

Dial *229*2*9# 

11.5GB for ₦8,000  ?

The plan is legitimate for 30 days (like the others).

To select in, 

Dial *229*2*5# 


This one is 9Mobile Social Data Plans!
Try not to mind the name “SmartPak”.
This arrangement was intended to give you unlimited access to all your most loved online networking application. Regardless of whether you cherish talking, watching films, streaming, or viewing your most loved football club play live!
You can access these on the off chance that you buy in to the 9Mobile SMARTPAK, see all Smartpak subscription codes below.

9Mobile CHAT PAK 

9Mobile CHAT PAK gives you boundless access to all your most loved online networking application – Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, Whatsapp and so on.
9Mobile Chat Paks comes in two variations –  Daily (cost ₦50) and weekly (cost ₦150).

9Mobile VIDEO PAK 

The VIDEO PAK on its own particular offers two hours of uninterrupted streaming of recordings. This is sufficient to for any individual who means to watch soccer by means of Mobdro, YouTube, and so forth.
With just ₦400, you will get 2 hours of consistent video streaming on any video application on your cell phone.


In conclusion, the SOCIALME PAK leverage the power of online networking. At that point here’s the bundle for you. This one enables you to surf Facebook, BBM, Twitter and Instagram.
With ₦300, you get boundless access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Eskimi, and all texting application for one week (7 days)
You needn’t bother with a complex gadget to enjoy any of these 9Mobile social data plans mention above. With a little Java-empowered mobile, you can enjoy these special 9Mobile SMARTPAKS.
Instructions to Subscribe For 9Mobile SmartPaks (code): 
Dial *200# and select choice 3 for the data menu. Pick choice 3 for smartpaks


Like each other network supplier, 9Mobile likewise has a weekend data plan. It’s now an issue of which one is best to browse?
All things considered, I’m not going to answer that inquiry… You will!
9Mobile offers a weekend data plan that gives you 1GB for ₦500, 2GB for ₦1000 and 5GB for ₦2000 and can be utilized amid the end of the week (Sat and Sun) + Night (7pm – 6:59am).
The most effective method to Subscribe For 9Mobile Weekend Data Plans
9Mobile Weekend Plan I
Data Size: 1GB 
Sum: ₦500 
Legitimacy: Weekend (Friday 11:59pm – Sunday 11:59pm) 
Subscription code: *5995*2# 

9Mobile Weekend Plan II

Data Size: 2GB 
Sum: ₦1000 
Legitimacy: Weekend (Sat and Sun) + Night (7pm – 6:59am) 
Subscription code: *229*3*12# 

9Mobile Weekend Plan III 

Data Size: 5GB 

Sum: ₦2000 

Legitimacy: Weekend (Sat and Sun) + Nights (7pm – 6:59am) + every minute of every day Whatsapp 

Subscription code: *229*3*13# 


Night crawlers, would you say you are there?
This is one of the sweetest data plan 9Mobile has ever done. You get the opportunity to enjoy consistent perusing on your 3G or4G device between 12 am to 5 am.
What makes it astonishing is the way that you get more for less, the main limitation is – it just works @ midnight.
To those not happy with midnight perusing can pick the ordinary monthly, weekly or daily data groups explained above.
Back to 9Mobile midnight plan. With this plan, you enjoy 250MB worth of data for ₦50 and it’s just substantial between 12 am – 5 am.‎
The most effective method to buy in for 9Mobile Midnight Plans
To begin with, you should migrate to 9Mobile MoreCliq by dialing *244*1#
Also, Recharge ₦50 then dial*229*10*10# activate 250MB night anticipate 9Mobile network. ‎
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