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Airtel Data Plan Bundle and Subscription Codes In 2019/2020

Airtel is pretty one of the biggest telecommunications network provider in Nigeria. It is well known for when it comes to data and internet service provision to its users because it provides a variety of options from which any of its subscribers can choose from, irrespective of their airtime level. Airtel Data Plan is one of the best and cheapest when it comes to your web surfing needs.


Nearly About 40% of data and internet users in Nigeria currently uses the Airtel network and the reason is not far-fetched. Although The company provides its users with qualify, quantify and affordability. With a faster internet connection, expanded bandwidth and special video and voice call services, Airtel seems to be the destination for data users after Glo.

airtel data plan codes in nigeria

Airtel data plans

Airtel has a wide range of internet packages which are classified into daily plans, weekly, monthly and yearly data plan/bundles detailed below for you.

Airtel Data Plan and Bundles – SmartSPEEDOO

The below list covers recent plans and bundles, yes including adjustments and reviews are done by Airtel and can be used on Android phones and tablets, Windows phones, iPhones, Ipads, Macbooks, laptops, desktops PCs and other smart devices, including smart TVs.

Code to Check Airtel Balance

To check your data balance on any of the tariff plans on Airtel, kindly dial *140# or *223#.
t will send you a message displaying your current data bundle and airtel bundle expiry dates.

Daily Bundle (50mb) – N100

Affordability at its best package, with this low-cost data bundle plan, you can enjoy affordable daily plan at the rate of N100 for 1 day. Opt-in code: *410#

3-day Bundle (200mb) – N200

If the daily bundle is too small for you as a surfer, you can go for the 3-day bundle. Here, you get to enjoy upto 200MB for just N200 for 3 days. Opt-in code: *412#

Weekly Bundle (350mb) – N300

You can still get more from the weekly bundle that are available – a 350mb weekly plan at N300 for just 7 days. Opt-in code for this plan: *417#

Easy Bundle (750mb) – N500 for 2 weeks

This one lasts for just half a month. This Easy Bundle offers upto 750mb at N500 for 14 days. Opt-in code: *418#

Monthly Airtel Data Plan

30 Day-Free Surf (Up to 160mb)

This is the ‘pay as you go’ package offers reduced browsing rates (which starts from 1kobo per kb) and also gives you up to 160mb for every 160mb you make use of. Opt-in code: *400#

Airtel Data Plan for Android

This is the airtel’s 2.5 and 3.5 Android data plan offer that promises 5GB for N2500 and 7GB for N3500. You’ll learn how to know if you’re eligible for this offer and how to activate the android data plan offer.

airtel data plan for android


Airtel Andriod 1.0 (1.5gb) – N1,000

Get enough data for much less with the Android plans. Plans are usable on all devices @ N1/mb all day. Enjoy Android 1.0 at N1,000 for 1.5gb. Valid for up to 30 days. Opt-in code is: *496#

Airtel Andriod 2.0 (3.5gb) – N2,000

Be up to date with what’s important with the Android 2.0 for just N2,000 for 3.5gb. Valid for 30 days@ N1/mb all day. Usable on all smartphones and other devices. Opt-in code is: *437#

Andriod 2.5 (5gb)  – N2,500

Stay connected and never you miss out on latest pieces of information with the Android 2.5 plan at N2,500 for 5gb. Valid for 30 days straight @ N1/mb all day. Usable on all devices. Opt-in code is: *437*1#

Andriod 3.5 (7gb) – N3,500

Watch movies, download and stream music to stay up to date with the Android 3.5 at N3,500 for just 7gb. Valid for 30 days at only N1/mb all day. Usable on all smartphones and other devices. Opt-in code is: *438#

Andriod 4.0 (9gb) – N4,000

Just like the above, you can watch movies, download and stream music to stay up to date with the latest updates on the Android 4.0 at N4,000 for 9gb. Valid for only 30 days at just N1/mb all day. Usable on all devices. Opt-in code: *438*1#

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Airtel Blackberry Data Plan (Blackberry)

Blackberry Complete (3gb) – N1,000 for 30 days

You can Connect, chat, stay up to date with the BlackBerry Complete plan at just N1000 with 3gb. Valid for up to 30 days. Usable on Blackberry devices only. Opt-in code: *431#

Airtel Mega Packs

Mega 5 (10gb) – N5,000 for 30 days

You can Enjoy the Mega 5 plans with up to 10gb for just N5,000 for up to 30 days. Connect all your data enabled home and office devices with a burn rate of just 1kobo/kb 24hrs weekday and weekend. Opt-in code: *452#

Mega 8 (16gb) – N8,000 for 30 days

Stay on the Smart side of life with this 16gb Mega 8 airtel plan, with a burn rate of 1kobo/kb 24hrs weekday and weekend. You can Enjoy the Mega 8 airtel plan at just N8,000 for 30 days. Opt-in code is: *460#

Mega 10 (22gb) – N10,000 for 30 days

Are you Heavy on data? Here’s one of the best plans at the most affordable rate for you. The Mega 10 airtel plan with 22gb goes for onlyN10,000. What’s else? The plan now comes with a burn rate of just 1kobo/kb 24hrs weekday and weekend. Opt-in code is: *462#

Mega 15 (30gb) – N15,000 for 60 days

Enjoy 30gb super-fast and reliable data to stay connected with the Mega 15 airtel plan. Opt-in code is: *463#

Mega 36 (50gb) – N36,000 for 180 days

Are you in need of large data for the whole family or an office location? Then the Airtel Mega 36 plan is the ultimate choice for you with the 50gb at just N36,000 valid for 180 days. Opt-in code is: *406#

Mega 70 (100gb) – N70,000 for 365 days

Still for the whole family and offices. The Airtel Mega 70 plan is the ultimate choice you can have presently with the 100gb for N70,000 valid for up to 365 days. Opt-in code is: *407#

Mega 136 (200gb) – N136,000 for 365 days

You can still upgrade to a higher data on the above if you want more data. The Airtel Smart 136 plan is the ultimate choice for heavy data users with up to 200gb at just N136,000 valid for 365 days. Opt-in code is: *408#

Airtel Social bundle Plans

Opera Mini Bundle_Large (250mb) – N300 for 25 days

You can Stay socially connected and chat, browse and stay up to date with this Opera monthly plan at just N300 for up to 250mb valid for 30 days. Usable for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, We Chat and 2go e.t.c. Opt-in code is: *885*1#

Whatsapp Bundle Large (80mb) – N200 for 30 days

This is another social plan that allows you to stay socially well connected and chat. The WTF monthly plan goes for just N200 for 80mb and is valid for 30 days. It works only for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, We Chat and 2go e.t.c. Opt-in code is: *990#

Please note that the Airtel social plans are for chatting on social media only and won’t be valid for anything else like surfing other websites.

Airtel Unlimited bundle data Subscription Plans

Unlimited Month (3.5gb) – N1,500 for 30 days

You can Be unlimited and enjoy the Unlimited monthly plan at N1,500 with 3GB which is valid for 30 days. usable on all devices including Blackberry and other browsing devices. Opt-in code is: *435#

Unlimited Week (200mb) – N525 for 7 days

Perhaps you if you can’t afford the above, you can still be unlimited and enjoy the airtel Unlimited weekly plan at N525 with 200MB valid for a week. Which is Usable on all devices including Blackberry. Opt-in code is: *440*17#

Unlimited Day (40mb) – N100 for 1 day

Want to take thing further/lower? Then There is still the Unlimited daily plan at just N100 with up to 40MB valid for just a day. Usable on all devices including Blackberry. Opt-in code is: *440*18#

Airtel Time Based  data subscription Plans (Unlimited)

Time Based 30 – N300 for 30 minutes

Are you looking for quick downloading for only a certain period like 30 mins? How about the Airtel time-based plans? Under this category, you get to enjoy an unlimited 30 minutes of time-based data at just N300 only. Opt-in code is: *439*3#

Time Based 60 – N500 for 60 minutes

Need data for only a certain period? Like 60 mins? How about the Airtel 60 minutes time-based plan where you get to enjoy the unlimited airtel data at N500 only? The opt-in code is: *439*4#

Night 120 – N1000 for 3 hours

Browse and download movies all night to watch during the day with the super affordable Airtel Night plans at N1,000 for 3 hours. Usable between 12 am and 5:59 am. Enjoy Night 120 at N1,000 only. Opt-in code is: *481*2#

Airtel Weekend data bundle Plans

Weekend Bundle-200 (200mb) – N200

Make your weekends worthwhile and memorable with Airtel weekend plans. Enjoy the super fast browsing which is usable between the hours of 12 am Saturdays and 11:59 pm on Sundays. This Weekend bundle goes for 200MB at N200 during the weekend. Opt-in code: *472#

Weekend Bundle-500 (500mb) – N500

You can equally get more from the weekends by enjoying superfast browsing usable between 12 am Saturday and 11:59 pm on Sunday. The Weekend Bundle-500 offers 500MB at N500 during the weekend. Opt-in code is: *473#

Airtel Data Plan – Triple Surf Offer

The Airtel Triple Surf offer is just another data package from Airtel Network. This Airtel data plan is designed as a reward for loyalty package to its users. It ensures that you enjoy up to 100% bonus on your data subscriptions, activation and renewals you make. It’s a way Airtel use to appreciate its data subscribers for staying on the Airtel network.

How It Works:

Anytime a customer subscribes to any Airtel data plan, they will get a 50% bonus on selected bundles (that is 50% of what they subscribe to). If they renew the subscription when it expires, they also get up to 75% bonus on the renewal. This gets up to 100% bonus on the second renewals. Just dial *141# and select Triple Surf Offer to opt-in for this offer.‎

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