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Airtel Double Data Plans



Airtel Double Data Plans are still working without restrictions. Now everybody knows that Glo (Globacom) is the Grandmaster of data plans but when it comes to double data plans,
Airtel double data plans still beat Globacom heavily with flexible and affordable plans.

Everyone still using an Airtel network and has been purchasing data, you should stop and activate their double data plans rather than the expensive ones.

The Airtel double data plans works on Android, IPhone, desktop or PC, and any other devices you all know that can connect to the internet. It works without any form of restrictions because they are like normal plans.

Airtel Data bundle plans are available to be doubled?

With just N200 you will be able to get 400MB valid for 3 days. With just N500, you’ll get 1.5GB data valid for 30 days. N1,000 will give you 3GB, N2,000 will give you 7GB data for a month (30 days) and finally, N2,500 for
10GB valid for a month.

How you can Activate Airtel Double Data Plans?

To activate, dial *144# and you will receive a successful or congratulations message. Then, list of data plans will be available for you, kindly purchase any data plan from that list and check your data balance by dialling *140#.

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