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[CHEAP] Airtel Night Plan And Data Offer For 2020

The former Airtel Night plan which was hourly based has been outstanding amongst other data plan which we truly appreciated for boundless download, yet I don’t know who gave Airtel terrible advice to increase the cost with respect to their Airtel night plan. Mtn took the favorable position and protect us with the night plan of 500MB for just N25, which made heaps of individuals to overlook the Airtel night plan browsing data package and proceed onward with the MTN shoddy Night bundle.
Many individuals deserted the Airtel expensive night data package and changed over to MTN shoddy Night bundle since MTN presented the night plan of 500MB for just N25.
Airtel saw this sudden switch-over of data and they reintroduced another new data package set up of the past one. Following the treads of MTN night bundles, Airtel propelled yet one more Night plan that offers their endorsers 500MB for N25 and 1.5GB for N50.‎
It appears Airtel has gained from their oversight and reintroduced new night data package to supplant the past one. Airtel has taken the strides of MTN night bundles by propelling one more Night plan.
With the new Airtel night plan, Airtel presents 1GB data for N500 with one-week legitimacy. You can consider buying in to the Airtel’s free 15MB for 7 days with N200 recharge and 200MB data for N200 that runs with 30Mins Airtel calls end of the week offer.
Before you can utilize any of the previously mentioned Airtel data plans you have to first migrate to SmartTRYBE
To Activate The Night Browsing Offer
This plan is solely for SmartTRYBE clients on Airtel, it implies you should migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE before you can enjoy the offer, dial *312# then reply with 1

Airtel 1.5GB Night Browsing Plan 

Sum: ₦200 (ensure you have that correct sum)
Subscription Code: Dial *312# » type and send 3 (Airtel Night Plans) » pick 1.5GB plan then answer with 2
Legitimacy: 1 Night (between 12am – 5am)
Airtel 500MB Night Browsing Plan
Sum: ₦25 (ensure you have that correct sum)
Subscrition Code: Dial *312# » type and send 3 (Airtel Night Plans) » pick 500MB plan then answer with 1
Legitimacy: 1 Night (between 12am – 5am)
Checking Your Airtel Night plan Data Balance 
There are numerous ways you can check your Airtel data balance which we will list in this article. You can pick the most reasonable and simple one that you can remember inside a brief span.

Direct USSD Code for All Airtel Data Plans

This USSD Code functions on all Airtel data plan packages including on Android except BlackBerry subscription plans.

What you need to do is to basically dial:*141*11*0#, *123*10# or *141*712*0# and you will see your data balance displayed at once.

Direct SMS Code for All Airtel Data Plans

This SMS Code functions on all Airtel data plan packages except BlackBerry subscriptions. It works even on Android.

To see your data balance, just send: “Status” to 141. Please make sure you remove the quotes when sending.

Direct USSD Code for BlackBerry Plans

If you use a BlackBerry phone or one of Airtel’s BlackBerry packages that function on all devices, you can’t check your data balance using any of the above methods. There is a special USSD Code for users of BlackBerry.

A simple dialling of *123*9# will cause your BlackBerry data balance to appear right before your face immediately.

Direct SMS Code for BlackBerry Plans

If you use BlackBerry phone or any of Airtel’s BlackBerry packages that functions on all devices and you want to view your data balance via SMS, you will have to use a particular SMS data balance code specially designed for BlackBerry plans.

All you need to do is send: “Status” to 440 (remove the quotes when sending) and your BlackBerry data balance will be sent through SMS to you at once.

Airtel’s SmartSpeedo USSD Code

This process is a bit complex but simple to memorize and navigate. You need to dial *141# to open the SmartSpeedo USSD menu. To get the “check data balance” option, you have to press * and then press SEND.

After the “Check data balance” has appeared on the new page, press 7 and press SEND to select “Check data balance”.

A notification will appear on your screen stating that your data balance will be sent to you through SMS, and within a matter of seconds you will receive your data balance.

This method works purposely for normal data balance, BlackBerry data balance and bonus data balance.

Airtel’s SelfCare USSD Code

The Airtel’s SelfCare USSD Menu interface is a complex but easy to understand method and it is where customers can check their number, current tariff plan, migrate to other plans, check their data balance, and more.

To get to Airtel’s SelfCare USSD menu, simply dial *121#; and on the USSD menu page, press 1 which represents “My profile” and then press SEND.

After the appearance of various options on the next page, press 6 and send to select “My Data Balance”. Once this is done, a notification will emerge on your screen telling you that your data balance will be sent to you via SMS.

Note: The call levy on SmartTrybe highlights 11k/s calls charges for every single national network (N6.60K/min)
I can state this is somewhat superior to the MTN Night Plan of 500MB for just N25, in light of the fact that with MTN night plan each SIM card qualified for a one-time initiation every night, except this Airtel night plan can be reestablished if depleted, it implies, you can resubscribe in the wake of debilitating the underlying 1.5GB. Fundamentally, you can utilize 3GB for N100 in only one night.
However, no measure of topped data can balance with the boundless data plan.
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