Airtel 0.0k Free Browsing with Psiphon 3 Pro for PC


Airtel 0.0k

Step 1.

Download psiphon 3 Pro handler for PC


Step 2.

Lauch it and click on Settings… Den click on upstream proxy…

Then click on Hostname and port and fill in this details…


port: 8080


Step 3

then click on psiphon server region

select Singapore as the server region and click Apply Changes @ d top of d software…

Connect your modem and  conn

ect d psiphon… And watch it connects within 6secs…

AIrtel free browsing with Psiphon 3 for 2017

Go to your browser on ur PC and go to settings and choose use system proxy settings…


Click ok… It will safe..





In your IDM proxy and port settings.. Input this settings.. Dats after u tick.. ‘Use Proxy’

input port: 8080


Now u can browse and surf and download unlimitedly…


Credits to guruscimon

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  • I am using psiphon 3 from past few months.it worked well at the beginning, but now it takes too much time to connect and it also became slower.most of the time I have to face the jamming problem.please do solve this.

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