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All you have to know about 9 mobile Moreblaze data bonuses



All you have to know about 9 mobile Moreblaze data bonuses

Once you get a 9mobile (Etisalat)  SIM, one question that may run your mind after days of usage, is their way of dishing bonuses to their subscribers. This way and method is never revealed obviously.

However, in this article, i will be letting you know  all about the data bonuses and meaning of 9mobile Moreblaze data bonuses.

Firstly, Moreblaze is not a tariff plan, don’t get confused. They are the data plans of 9mobile and they help you take advantage of fast and stable broadband service to enjoy a richer online experience at your favourite sites as you subscribe to them.

List of Moreblaze Data Bonuses and their activation method

1. Cliq4DNite:  Cliq4DNite Moreblaze data bonus can only be used and always activated when you are on MoreCliq tariff plan. The data bonus only works during the night from the duration of 12:30am to 4:30am.

It can automatically be activated and renew when  you recharge more than N200 a week. To activate, kindly migrate to Morecliq tariff plan by dialling * 244 *1# and enjoy your Cliq4DNite free data bonuses after recharges.

2. Peak Data: The Peak data bonus can be used to browse all apps and websites without restricting youb just like the normal data plan. It can be activated by activating any higher data bundle from 9mobile network.

3. Off-peak Data: The off-peak data is the Moreblaze data bonus that can only work during the night, especially from 12:am to 4am. It can be activated by activating a data bundle from 9mobile network.

4. Unlocked Data Bonus: The unlock data bundle mainly provide heavy data bonus based on the volume of data bundle you purchased. Assuming you purchased, 1.5GB data of N1,000 from 9mobile, you will get 1.2GB free unlocked data bundle to access the internet without restriction.


How to check the bonuses

Simply dial *228# USSD code to fully check the Moreblaze data bonus balance. It’s simple and easy.

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