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Working trick on how to get a Free 23GB of data on Ntel network



Ntel is a 4G LTE network is one of the number one telecommunication operator in Nigeria and its services are currently available in Lagos, Abuja and Rivers state.

Ntel gives a superfast 4G LTE network, it has the very cheapest internet bundles and also have cheap unlimited bundles . It rarely have downtimes, so you’re free to enjoy your data without interruption.




Ntel has unveiled a new SIM called “ Ntel WAWU“, kindly get the Ntel SIM and register it completely in any Ntel activation team in your area. You will get these bonuses instantly:

  • 1GB data for activation (valid for 48 hours).
  • 8kobo/sec calls to all networks for 1 year.
  •  500% bonus on all data purchases for 1 year.
    And next…

How to activate the 23GB data using the Ntel WAWU SIM

Firstly after the successful registration of your Ntel SIM, you will be given two SIM cards: one of them would contain free
1GB data and the other SIM would contain free 10GB data.Making free 11GB of data right?

Now, after exhausting the 10GB of data, you can use the remaining N1,000 in your account balance to purchase
12GB data.

Don’t be confused? For registering an Ntel WAWU SIM, you will get 500% double data (valid for a year). For instance, if you subscribe to 1GB, it will be doubled to 6GB and if you subscribe to Ntel N1,000 for 2GB data plan, it will be doubled to 12GB data and the same applies to the voice and data plan).

Now, you would have a total data of 23GB . It’s free and even the N1,000 you pay would reflect in your account main balance. Then, it’s actually free of course, enjoy!




Note: There may be speed throttle after exhausting 5GB data and this data can only be activated by those in living in Lagos but will soon be shifted to Abuja and Rivers state.

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