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Best Data Bundles in Ghana 2020

Everyone doesn’t like slow and sluggish internet connection, whether via a broadband connection or 3G. However, when broadband means ‘not accessible everywhere’ and fast means ‘boring a hole in your pocket’, the average internet data user in Ghana is not happy.

Best data plans in Ghana

Ghana best data plans

But, are we saying of the 5 major network telecommunications providers in Ghana, there’s none that offers the best value for money when it comes to 3G internet data bundles? Join me as we cover some of the great data bundles one can find in Ghana.

If you’re on your way to Ghana and reading this on your flight, well, consider this article a welcoming gift from Xtrahola to you, and enjoy your stay in Ghana. I know many travelers in and coming to Ghana keep asking the question, ‘Which network offers the best data bundle in Ghana? And how much?’.


The ULTIMATE Data Bundle in Ghana


“The Ultimate Data Bundle” not for fun, rather, for extreme power users who are willing to take things overboard, stream and maybe overkill via all angles.

If you’re looking to get bored browsing, downloading, uploading and torrenting, I can’t recommend this bundle anymore.

Think of how many shows/series and movies you can seed! Raise your torrenting respect bar high.


Think of what you can to do with 500 Gig within 30 Days! What could you possibly do?

Let’s say you probably have 30 Gig of personal home videos to upload? Maybe some are in 4K. Done! 470 Gig left.

You perhaps have usually wanting to download the Android Source code. Done! You have 400 Gig left.

They say Visual Studio is cool so you want the entire suite of programs that make up the studio. Well, again, we’re left with even more to play with.


Maybe, just maybe, Windows 10 ISO, along with Microsoft Office 2016. Mass Effect 3 and FIFA 2016 and BluRay version of Captain America, Spiderman, Star Wars episodes in their highest video quality and the entire episodes of ‘Castle’ in 720p from Torrent?

You figured hacking the Pentagon and CIA might be a good idea so you grab yourself Kali Linux as well as Metasploit and even the complete 13 Gig wordlist for brute force just to make your life easier.

Tell me, what do you possibly want to do with 500 Gig? Airtel’s XXL Bundle’s got you covered!




With the above tariff, you’re sure to get 1 Gig for 1 Cedi, which for the non-Ghanaians reading, refers to 1 Gigabyte of data for just 0.25 US Cents. It doesn’t get better and cheaper than this, does it?

In fact, it is nice, so good there’s no better way to put into perspective than showing you an example. The example below refers to non-peak hours. But be assured of at least some 800 Mbit/s during peak hours.

For a 3G data bundle, I am opening to any rival of such an amazing deal anywhere else in Africa or beyond.



An office of even 30 workers could still make use of this gigantic bundle each month with a surplus, I believe.

Although more networks telecommunications users connect might mean a bit of stress on the network, if your office or working place don’t use it for streaming video content or upload/download any multimedia content, and you simply need that for opening pages and maybe writing blogs, such a bundle will come handy.

The subscription is flexible and you’re good to adjust from XXL to perhaps XL whenever you want after you’ve exhausted your current bundle.

How to sign up to Airtel XXL Bundles?

  • Dial *125# and select “Other bundles”
  • Select “XXL Bundles” and follow the onscreen instructions.

Glo 80 Cedis for 30 Gig for 90 Days

An exciting offer indeed, and if you’re a mid-power user, and the 500-Gig-500-Cedis offer from Airtel doesn’t quite cut it for you, look no further. Glo’s got your back!

This offer, I did not know about, until recently. Break the offer down into simple, understandable forms, and it is a very lucrative one.

If 80 Cedis for 90 Days, then you’re just about 25 cedis for 10 Gig of data. That’s insane!


30GB 80 30GB 90 *127*7#


“28” to 127

At the time of this update, for personal use, I think this Glo offer is the best, and the best value for money.

Airtel Sika Kokoo (Repackaged)

UPDATE: The Sika Kokoo has been repackaged with the same goals in mind.

However, with a little adjustment . Now, it costs 5 Cedis for 1 Gig for 3 Days of usage. With that in mind, should you subscribe daily, you’re looking at 150 Cedis for some 30 Gig each month, with is monstrously expensive.

The new package is 5 times more expensive than the previous offering.

The average network user is unlikely to pull some 500 cedis out of the pocket each month for the ultimate data bundle. Consider the Airtel Sika Kokoo as an alternative for mid-power users, who want to get more done for relatively less price.

As it stands now, it is the best data bundle in Ghana for average users on a 3G network I can think of. I stand to be corrected, thus if you come across or know any data bundle from another network in Ghana that ‘Trumps’ the Airtel Sika Kokoo, do well to draw my attention to. I’ll love to be proven wrong!

You might not have heard of it yet. Airtel Sika Kokoo is one of the promotional campaigns the company hardly talks about, because of how awesome it is!


How to Subscribe to Airtel Sika Kokoo?

To enjoy Airtel Sika Kokoo , follow steps below:

  • Now, the Siki Kokoo part, dial *125# and follow the prompts.

Unlike the initial roll out where the Sika Kokoo was only available to select regions in Ghana, is the new promo available nationwide? Lemme know in the comments where you can and can’t subscribe.

Nuvu App Watch And Download For Free With Airtel

Globacom Twin Bash

It is somehow weird the name choice with regards to what the promotion is really about, but don’t let the ‘twinness’ of this promotion from Globacom, a Nigeria Telco giant which recently entered Ghana’s voice and data arena, fool you.

I remember Globacom (short for Glo) made a scenery entry to Ghana’s market, however, unfortunately, for whatever reasons, many felt disappointed as Glo, they say ‘couldn’t live up to expectation’.

As to what people expected from them, it is hard to tell, however, the Globacom Twin Bash clears the minds of anyone doubting Glo’s data potentness.

So, what does Globacom bring to the table with their Glo Twin Bash? A combined total of 12 Gig at just 50 Cedis for 30 days. A combined total?

In fact, here’s the breakdown. With 50 Cedis, you are assured of 8,000 MB of data; that is constant. In addition, out of Glo’s generosity and kindness, they top

any other Glo number up with an extra 4,000 MB of data, giving you 12,000 MB of data.

In short, 50 Cedis, you get 8,000 MB for your number, then 4,000 MB is given to another Glo number (which could be yours, so win-win situation here)


How to sign up to Glo Twin Bash?

Joining the Twin Bash is pretty flexible.

  • Recharge your Glo SIM using *127*PIN# and you will get the data plan with voice bonus relative to recharges made.
  • Check the Glo table below for what you get when you recharge what, with regards to the Glo Twin Bash


MTN ‘Unlimited’ Night Bundles

One of my favorite data bundles is the MTN Night Bundles. Enjoy 5 Gig of data from 12 midnight til 5 AM for just 3 Cedis.

Yes, they list the data bundle as ‘Unlimited’, however, I find it deceiving so will share with you what the T&C conveys.


With the MTN Unlimited Night Bundle, what happens is this: they give you between said time above the opportunity to consume 5 Gig worth of data at 4- or 3G speed, and when you exhaust that 5 Gig before the 5 AM, you’re throttled down to 2G speed.

When down to 2G speed, you’re no longer restricted henceforth, so should time permit, you could download everything on the internet using the 2G speed.

How much data you could use before throttled down to 2G was pegged at 3 Gig for many months previously, however, that changed recently, when I noticed a 5 Gig cap indicated instead.

When the throttle cap was 3 Gig, I remember exhausting that within 20 minutes after midnight. That night, the speed was monstrous, and the download list was enormous!


I have repeatedly shared amazing speeds I do achieve with the Night Bundles. The MTN Night Bundle is ideal for heavy duty download/upload work during off-peak hours.

Enough, you say, how do I sign onto the MTN Unlimited Night bundles?

How to sign up to MTN Unlimited Night Bundles?

  • After midnight, but before 5 am, enter
  • *138*1#
  • Follow the onscreen prompts to choose the Unlimited Night Bundle of 12 am to 5 am, which costs 3 Cedis
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