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4 Best Fast CASH Apps in 2020

The best fast cash apps in 2020 are already available. We have taken a look at some of these cool apps and they have all been confirmed to be Legit paying fast cash apps.

You can start making money off your phone during your leisure time with some of these apps and get paid into your bank account or PayPal account without any stress at all.

Not everyone knows about these apps which makes these better for you to be ahead and get all the things you need now before people start flooding them.

Well, we know about some sites that pay you to perform some tasks but what about apps?

You can earn huge with these apps and still be working your normal day jobs. It doesn’t stop you from doing what you already do.

They are more like part time jobs, and if I’ve understood something in recent times, it is that we all need one particular extra source of income.

You need extra income to start that business which is going to be bringing you passive income monthly.

We need extra income to go on vacation to that city we always wanted to visit.

We need the extra income to celebrate with family and friends, but we can’t get that with the money we use to keep all the basic necessities checked and in one piece.

So we have brown ght you a list of fast cash apps that will certainly make you extra cash in a month.

Well, before we proceed, here is a bit of disclaimer

Making money online is a risk. You could earn or loose; either way, it is worth a try.

That disclaimer won’t matter when you see the apps we ha in store for you. They are all legit paying apps with good income streams and easy tasks.

Should we dive ahead?

4 fast cash apps in 2020 – Make money online

fast cash apps in 2019

In this post, we will also give a detailed review on how each and every one of these apps works so be prepared. These are the apps:

1. Zwerl

2. Wowapp

3. Grabpoints

4. Cheetah keyboard

These are some of the coolest and most legit fast cash apps in 2019. They will. Useful in helping You earn that extra income in the long run, especially when they are all used at once.

One really cool thing is that they don’t all have strenuous works for you. You can get easy tass and still earn your cash. Let’s start with them.

1. Zwerl: This is an internationally recognized app that pays you to answer questions online and make money.

Here is how it works:

  • Download the app
  • Register and sign in
  • Look for questions and answer them
  • You can also ask your questions and get them answered

The more questions you ask, the more your credibility increases. As your credibility increases, your earnings also increase.

You get paid directly to your bank account when you get to the minimum threshold of $20.

After that, also get extra earnings by referring people. This is one of my favorite methods to earn money from these fast cash apps.

Referrals always do good work in the time to come. When you refer and your referee reaches a credibility rank Of 500, he earns and you also earn.

How legit is zwerl?

Zwerl is 100% legit and they pay directly to your account without any trouble at all.

You can make 10k monthly from this app alone and all you just have to so is ask and answer simple questions.

A group chat will be created immediately you want to ask questions. The group chat is only opened for 10 minutes. When you get as many answers as you want or when you have answered enough questions, then you can leave the group or wait for the 10 minutes to be up.

2. Wowapp: One nice app that pays you to chat with friends is wowapp. This app is being used frequently now more than ever. A lot of people have been using wowapp to earn side income. If you are looking for one fast cash app in 2019 that you can use, I suggest you download wowapp from playstore.

Apart from chatting, you can make money by doing these six things:

  • Watch videos
  • Play games
  • Read news
  • Chat
  • Take surveys
  • Refer people

There are videos you can watch on the app and earn wowpoints. Wowpoiints can be redeemed into real money or airtime. It all depends on your choice. Wowapp is one of the greatest fast cash apps I can recommend.


If you are looking to become a millionaire in six months from fast cash app, then you might be disappointed. As I stated earlier on, They are mostly for earning extra income for some emergency purposes but they are worth using. Instead of using your salary or wages to pay bills and some other kinds of stuff, these fast cash apps can come in handy in 2019.

On wowapp, you will also get paid for referrals which I thin k is a better way to make money from it. You can download the wowapp and playstore and start using it.

Is wowapp legit?

Yes, wowapp is a legit money making app. They pay via paypal or airtime and it is a really cool way to earn. They also have a grading system which shows how many referrals you have., The more referrals you have, the higher your grade, the more you earn.

There is a red feather grade, blue feather, silver feather and many more. You just need to download the app and register. The trick is to join as many wowapp groups as possible.

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3. Grabpoints: If you are looking for an app that pays $5 sign up bonus, this is the right choice. Grab points is an amazing reward app. They pay you to perform tasks such as take surveys, watch videos, download apps, and complete offers.

On grabpoints, you will find free and paid offers. These offers usually pay you between 500-2000 points which will then direct you to sign up on a particular site.

One of the easiest ways to make money on grabpoints is by downloading apps. Grabpoints also help other app owners and developers to publicize their apps. In doing so, grabpoints earn some money from these owners and pay you a percentage of their earnings.

You can also watch videos and earn or participate in their referral program. You will be given 1 point for every friend you refer and also earn 500 points when your friend reaches 1000 points on the app.

Not my best recommendation but it is worth a trial.

4. Cheetah keyboard: You must have been familiar with cheetah keyboard; that cool popular keyboard app with a lot of themes that enables fast typing. One thing you could have missed out on is that cheetah keyboard now has a cool feature that they actually pay their users for typing with the keyboard.

All you just have to do is type and perform some tasks like playing games, reading news, watching videos, spin the wheel and so on. Also, cheetah keyboard has a referral program for many people to make money off their friends.

They pay up to $5 per referral and also have a minimum withdrawal of $5 via PayPal. I recommend this app for anyone who loves typing a lot.

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