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bitcoin hyip review monitor

bitcoin hyip review monitor

Bitcoin HYIP is an acronym that stands for Bitcoin High Yield Investment Programs. These are programs that pay its investors or participants a certain percentage of their investment within a specified period of time. These programs use investments made by its participants to do various businesses like forex trading, stocks, and bond, betting, etc.

There are also others that are just like Ponzi schemes where they rob Peter to pay Paul. In recent times, we saw Bitcoin HYIP programs like Zarfunds which came and crashed out after some time with lots of Bitcoins.

Paying Hyips
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It is important that you know that most Ponzi Bitcoin HYIPs were not setup to help you as an investor but to enrich their owners. They trick you into investing huge amount of money or bitcoins and after some time, they disappear with your coins and shut down their online platforms.

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Some have made huge amounts of money through these programs. In order to make it through Bitcoin HYIPs, you need to be very calculative and follow some laid down principles that have worked for many.

In this article, we will be sharing important tips on how to make sure you get the best out of Bitcoin HYIPs and reduce your chances of losing your investment.

How to Minimize the Risk of Bitcoin HYIP Investment.

  1. If you want to make it through Bitcoin HYIPs, then you must enter the business early enough. Before you register for any Bitcoin HYIP, check their time of establishment and if it is more than one month, then there is a high chance that you will lose out.

If you must invest in such Bitcoin HYIP that are more than one month old, then you might consider investing a little token that would not affect your pocket. The reason why you must invest early is that, at the starting phase, admins of this site want to create trust in people and let them know that their system is working. Because of this, they tend to pay early investors so as to spread the good news about their platform.

  1. Do not invest in Bitcoin HYIPs that promise outrageous interest rates: How can an investment program promise 300% of your investment in 30 days? If you see such investment programs, it is advised that you run as fast as your legs can carry you because it is a scam site! If their returns on investment are within 5, 10 or 15 percent of your investment, then it is likely that they will pay their investors.
  2. Manually Withdraw your Investment(funds) as soon as possible: this is an advice that we give people based on experience. If your money will be due on a certain day, make sure you go and withdraw them on that very day. This is to avoid stories that touch. You might decide to leave it so as to increase your profit and at the end, you lose out. In other words, we are advising that you don’t be a greedy fellow and withdraw as soon as you get your pay.
  3. Check the WHOIS information of the domain: WHOIS information of a domain name can be found at If you check the WHOIS information of the domain name and it is hidden, then there are chances that the site is a scam and can shut down anytime.
  4. Check for their physical address: Although some people don’t think towards this direction when trying to invest in a Bitcoin HYIP, it is a good practice to find out if the investment company has a real address. Although you must not check this, it adds to the legitimacy of the site and their business as a whole.


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