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I know most of you have in one way or the other come across one or two post that explains how to make money online while working from home or about how to make or increase your bitcoin. That’s right, it’s a good start and profitable if you have the time to work from home.

Although different thoughts keep popping up on what to do with this income generated online.
What if I tell you the best way to increase your revenue is by investing in them on one thing or the other. Yes, you heard me right, just as the saying goes.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.” Warren Buffett

Concerning investment, am here to talk about an investment company that has been operating for a while now.

Note: Don’t trade what you can’t risk losing, xtrahola or any of its staff will not be held responsible for any loss incurred in the process of using this program.

BITWAVES LIMITED is an investment company that has been operating since 22 February 2013. This company was created by a group of ambitious and well experience group of crypto traders, who are good with the knowledge of crypto-currency and have the knowledge on how to earn on a rate fluctuation.

BITWAVES LTD Incorporated on 22 February 2013 is a Private Limited Company with it’s Registered office address at 7 Chelford Grove, Patchway, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS34 6DD.
If you wish to invest your bitcoin, BITWAVES LTD is a good place to start now.

So how do you create an account?.

First of all, click on this link to register</a> an investment BitWaves account.
After clicking you will be directed to a page with a registration form. This form consists of four different section.

Full Name:
Email Address:
Retype Email:

Retype Password:

Your Bitcoin Address:

Secret question:
Secret answer:

After filling the form just click REGISTER to proceed to the next page, the next page is a welcome message page on joining the program,

Bitwaves scam review

Bitwaves scam review

just click on login to access your dashboard.

bitwaves review

bitwaves review

This is how your dashboard will look like after successful login.



In order for you to invest with BITWAVES LTD specialists of marketing department has structure out four different investment plans, so it’s left for an individual to select which plan is OK. Yes, they are up for indefinite investment plans with attractive terms and interest rates.

So you just have to Choose the desired plan, make a deposit and ready to get a steady income with them on favourable terms.

Below are some of the plans you can choose from.

Plan A.

According to BitWaves, the first plan is a 4% daily interest with a minimum deposit of 0.005 BTC With a reasonable maximum deposit of up to 0.05 BTC and it has a lifetime period.

Plan B

The plan b is well recommended by BitWaves starting with a 5.1% daily interest with the minimum deposit of 0.05 BTC and a maximum deposit of up to 0.5 BTC with a lifetime period.

Plan C

This plan comes with 6.3% daily interest when you make an investment of a minimum deposit of 0.5 BTC and a maximum deposit of up to 2 BTC with a period of a lifetime.

Plan D

And this is the grand plan whereby an individual gets up to 7.1% daily in a treat when you invest with BitWaves with a minimum of 2 BTC and guess what? This plan comes with an unlimited maximum deposit and a period of lifetime.


Do you wish to make more with BitWaves other than investing, then you need to join their partnership program. the company BitWaves Limited developed one-level affiliate program with a fixed percentage of reward. It will allow you to earn additional or basic income, without project investment. According to the regulation, the participants receive the amount of 7% from a deposit made by each of their partners. All you have to do is just to create an extensive partner network and start making more income by inviting new members, no investment needed when operating an extensive partnership network.
Update: as at the time of writing this post there are 412 members registered on the platform.

Why you should register and start operating a Bitwaves account

Always available: they are always available 7 days a week to clear up your worries concerning any investment.

Safe and Secure: BitWaves uses bank-level security to manage your money and personal data. Having a wide range of security and safety operations in order to provide smooth anonymous service for its clients.

Fully Transparency: there are no hidden charges what’s so ever. Every client with a customized dashboard to access features like day to day transactions.

And most of all there is zero effort when it comes to opening an investment account with BitWaves, with no physical appearance of photograph needed.


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