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Power All Your Apps with Glo “Free YouTube Streaming” Data Offer

As we understand, the Glo “Free YouTube Streaming” offer is specifically for YouTube streaming, but, i am going to explain clearly to you how you may use the Glo YouTube Free data to power all your apps through the brand new Tunneling Ehi File.


  • HTTP Injector (SSH/Proxy/VPN) 4.2.3 – download it via the Google play store.
  • Ehi Tunneling file for Http Injector –

To Power All Apps With The Glo Free YouTube Data Bonus

  • Open the HTTP Injector app.
  • Click on filE at the top of the app and import the file from your mobile Folder.

that is all. click on connect and begin downloading with top notch speed!

note that the Glo Free YouTube Data Bonus starts operating at 1am until 5:30am. You want to subtract that 30 minutes from the time charge, making it 1am to 5am due to the fact that is the time it’ll stop working.  as soon as it’s 5am your normal megabytes will begin to be deducted and this also applies when you are watching YouTube with out VPN.

So in summary: whether with the VPN or with out VPN, the Glo Free YouTube Data Bonus works between 1am – 5:30am every night.

Just in case you get the “can not Authenticate” incorrect username or password message, all you want to do is to update the servers at the left-hand side of the App.

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