CalChain (CALC) Airdrop Registration Worth $600

6000 CALC Tokens Valued at $600 – Calchain

Calchain is utilizing a hybrid of Blockchain and Tangle technologies, their aim is to revolutionize data storage as well as data processing.  They can be classified under the category cloud-based services

calchain ico registration

Calchain cloud-based services

In other words, CalChain  is creating a unique and secure blockchain by developing a one-stop solution for decentralised cloud-based services.

Details about CALC | CalChain Token

Total Supply of the CALC token is:  300,000,000

Current Value: $0.6 per CALC token

Good news is, this new ICO has an open Airdrop and giving 6000 CALC Tokens which is worth $600 United States Dollars plus there is a referral program where you can earn up to 2000 tokens worth $200 simply by referring your friends and family.

How to Join the CalChain Airdrop Program and Earn $600

Joining the Airdrop is very easy and you only need to answer 5 easy questions ranging from your

  • Your Telegram Username
  • To you joining their Telegram Group. NOTE; so keep in mind that having a telegram account is necessary for joining this Airdrop. Actually, having a Telegram account is important for joining almost every Airdrop, if you’re interested in earning I’d advise you make the effort.
  • Down to your country and spreading the word on Twitter.
calchain calc 6000 tokens

CALC 600united states dollars Valued token

Registering for the CALC Airdrop

Step 1: Click HERE to Join the Airdrop

Step 2: Enter your Telegram Username

Step 3: Join their Telegram Group through the Link shown.  This is their telegram group link:

I’m sure by now you should have created your Telegram account, if you already have, Congrats.

Step 4: Follow their Twitter handle and retweet the pinned post.

I don’t think this is necessary though as it has no effect but still do it.

Step 5: Input your Ethereum Wallet Address.

It has to be ERC 20 compatible, you can see a list of ERC20 Ethereum wallets below.

Step 6: Enter your email address, this will be used to contact you.

Calchain Successful Airdrop registration

Calchain Airdrop successful

List of Compatible ERC20 Ethereum wallets

The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):

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Drop comments below if you’re stuck anywhere during the registration process.

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