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Carismo.Biz Review

Carismo is an online Bitcoin investment platform where investments are used to trade and incomes shared among the investors. Investments people make using Bitcoin are traded with by their bot algorithm which was written to make sales when exchange rates are high. With this, they make profit always. Bitcoin Investment

Carismo site is secured using SSL certificate which makes your investments secured. It is a registered establishment in the United Kingdom and the site loads pretty fast.

The site was greatly designed which is an evidence that they are not scammers. Also, there are great reviews about the platform online that indicates that they are genuine.
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How do I know my data are secured?

Carismo makes use of state-of-the-art technologies on their site which ensures that the security of every investor’s data is secured and thus, makes their rate of confidentiality high. They make use of dedicated servers and also boast of encryption technologies during transactions via a secured network.

The best thing about Carismo is that it is open to everyone no matter your country of origin if you are above 18 years of age.

Also, you are given the ability to withdraw your money at any time and the process speed is done instantly and profits are paid hourly (which makes it very cool and gives you the ability to withdraw at any time).

You just need to make a deposit of some Bitcoin not lower than 0.005BTC which you would be paid daily interests of +3.839% on your investment till you decide to withdraw from the business. If you find out that your deposit is making a profit and wish to deposit more, you can do so as many times as you want on the platform and you get to track your investment live on the platform.

The platform also doesn’t charge anything if you want to withdraw your fund as so many other sites do and you can make use of both your member ID or email address to sign in.

They also run referral programs where you earn from people you refer to the site. The percentage you earn depends on your level and the revenue from any referral is automatically and immediately added to your revenue on the platform (this means you do not have to wait for a period of time before the revenue will be added).

They use a COMODO SSL certificate for site encryption, this is something to show that they invest some time and money to make their website more secure. It’s a good sign that it would probably stay for months.


Don’t trade what you can’t risk losing, xtrahola or any of its staff will not be held responsible for any loss incurred in the process of using this program.

They offer a money back guarantee but you would need to pay an administrative fee for deposit release and you can withdraw as low as 0.0005BTC.

How To Invest on

Making Investments on Carismo is very easy, you make a deposit then get returns hourly.

STEP 1: Click Here to Sign Up with Carismo.

On their homepage click on the register tab found at the extreme right-hand side of the brown interface, enter your email address and hit the “REGISTER” button.

Then, an email will be sent to your mail box, open up the email and complete the registration.

You will see the screen below:

register and invest bitcoin at carismo

register at carismo

STEP 2: Enter your Bitcoin wallet address, choose a pin and enter your preferred password. Then click on the “REGISTER” button and that’s all! Start depositing and trace your investments live on the site!

To make any deposit, click on the “DEPOSIT CONTROL” button and start depositing as shown in the image below:

carismo dashboard

carismo dashboard

Note: It is important that you save your member ID somewhere because you would need it to log in to the platform.

Have you used this investment platform before? Experienced any issues with them? or have questions?  Drop it below use and I’ll reply as quickly as possible.

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