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Cheap Ntel Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Night Unlimited Data Plans


To be honest, it’s high time we stopped depending on data capped bundles and go for unlimited plans. With the later, you have rest of mind when browsing and downloading with the Cheap Ntel Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Night Unlimited Data Plans you will stop bothering to check your balance every now and then. Today, I will be teaching with the best and cheapest affordable unlimited data bundle plan to avoid you spending excessively on data which actually works for Android, PC, iPhones, etc., provided by Ntel.

Ntel is no longer a new name in the Nigerian telecom industry. They offer the fastest 4G/LTE network in the country widely spread across many states. And they also boast of the best unlimited internet data plans which consist of Ntel Unlimited U, Ntel Unlimited U-Daily, Ntel Unlimited U-Weekly, Ntel Unlimited U-Monthly, and Ntel Unlimited Night Plan . It’s up to you to choose the one that suits your lifestyle and pocket

Ntel Unlimited U

Get the Unlimited Data that fits your pocket! Ntel Unlimited U data which goes as low as 500; no data cap, no throttling, truly Unlimited


Ntel Unlimited U-Daily



This data plan gives you unlimited access to the internet for 48 hours (2days)  for just N1500, allowing you to stream, browse and download without any data cap or speed throttle.


Ntel Unlimited U-Weekly


This data plan gives you 7 days access of unlimited internet access for just a price of N3,750. Like others, no data cap, no bandwidth and throttle.

Ntel Unlimited U-Monthly

For the internet breakers, Ntel gives you one full whole month of non stop browsing and downloading for N17,500. But like the look of things, the Unlimited Weekly plan is preferable; since there are 3 weeks in a month, if you calculate the price (N3,750 × 3 weeks), you spend N11250 monthly as against N17500. So you’re saving a whooping N6250.

Ntel Unlimited Night Plan

If you are the type of person who love staying up late at night, you should can go for this plan which offers unlimited browsing from 10PM – 6AM every night for 7 days. It also costs N1500.


How to Activate Cheap Ntel Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Night Unlimited Data Plans


Simply visit Ntel website , enter your SIM number and PIN to login, then choose your preferred plan to activate.

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  • Awesome! Thanks for this. But it’s four weeks in a month though, so that would come to 15,000 if you use the U-weekly. Still better than the monthly. Bout to break tha internet with this! Love this site. Keep it up.

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