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The following reviews and idea sheared below will serve as a guide and reference to help you decide whether to invest with ColoBit or whether not to invest with them.

In the modern crypto-currency market, colobit believes to be the best among the professionals operating in the market. Stated clearly at the first line of the website.
The company have a claim to have acquire a broad knowledge on how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in order to generate profits with little or no risk involved.

ColoBiz is a cryptocurrency investment company based in the united kingdom (UK), address at 22 Melton St, London, United Kingdom, NW1 2FP. founded and registered by its director Edward Reed, on 2 August 2017. the online platform for Colobit Ltd was established on 3 September 2017.

Colobit Review

At Colobit only bitcoin is accepted for making payments or for investing, that’s why at the point of registration you will be provided with a form for specifying your bitcoin wallet. To make thing easy and transparent at their home page you will be provided with details based on the statistics of the total amount of bitcoin deposited, the total amount of bitcoin withdrawn and also you will be presented with last amount of bitcoin deposited and last amount of bitcoin withdrawn.


Its very easy to create an account with colobit, <a href=””>first you have to visit this page</a> to access the registration form then fill up all empty field with your corresponding details then tick the accept terms and condition box and click sign up.
Having created an account and obtained an access to the “My Profile”, the investor has the right to create any number of deposits, control his/her financial profit, and so on.

Dedicated Support Team.
Talking about the customer service, Colobit online chat window is open 24/7 for clients who always want to ask tough questions. Of course per taking in such an investment with risk involve one must come across issues that are difficult to fix but worry less because customer support is always open to provide answers to your disturbing questions.


At Colobit your security is well considered as number priority in order to make sure there are a risk free and fewer security treats when investing, With the presence of McAfee SECURE, AVG, Norton, Companies House, DDOS-GUARD Protection, GeoTrust, Dun & Bradstreet and Site Lock, you have no reason to be afraid that your account might be hacked.


Colobit work with a three different investment plan and each of this investment plan has the same duration that is your investment will generate profit within 50 business day per hour. Below are the investment plans offered;

Investment plan A.
This is the first plan of colobit with a 4% daily for 50 business days, meaning 0.17% hourly deposits between 0.003 BTC and 2 BTC

Investment plan B.
This plan is a 4.5% daily for 50 business days, meaning 0.19% hourly deposits are between 2 BTC and 5 BTC.

Investment plan C.
This is a 5% daily for 50 business days, meaning 0.21% hourly deposits must be between 5BTC and 50 BTC


Referral Commission:

Well, profit can also be generated from colobit even without investment, it’s simple by joining the referral program pays 3%-1%-1% on levels 1 to 3 respectively. Representatives earn a little higher; they are paid 5%-1%-1% on the same levels as the ordinary referrals

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  • My deposit is 0.015 6cc65a9cf60cf69d83cf6c0a52a0532a7b4673c8f4769cec1e 0a75143c5a13ad. I wish everyone success!

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