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Posted by on October 15th, 2018

The demand for Cryptocurrencies is increasing by the day with more top-notch companies investing in the cryptocurrency market. New methods have been adopted by other in which people can get free tokens before or after it is listed in the market, these free cryptocurrencies are called Airdrops.

What is an Airdrop?

An airdrop is basically a few free tokens/coins and it is usually used as a way to promote a new Ethereum token (and sometimes other types of coins too).

Polymath for instance recently had an airdrop where they distributed 250 POLY tokens to anyone who completed their KYC in time. These tokens were worth over $2.00 USD very shortly after the drop was completed, meaning that’s over $500 worth of free tokens!

Another example of a very profitable airdrop was the DECRED airdrop. 50% of the DECRED pre-mine was distributed to Airdrop participants. Each participant received a minimum of 258 DCR coins. In 2018, DCR coins have hit an all-time high value of over $123 each. If you were to obtain those and sell at that high price, you would have made over $31,000.


You might be wondering why someone would just be giving out money for free, well it’s not about the money, Airdrops sends a message to its participants, the whole idea behind Airdrops is to create the idea that this project is something unique so that people who just accidentally stumbled upon your project will spread the word around the community and invest in it themselves.

How can one participate in an airdrop?

There are several ways of participating in airdrops but a website I’ll highly recommend is www.coinmarketairdrop.com , there are also groups on social Media e.g. Facebook, Telegram and Twitter which give information’s regarding airdrops. Once, you get the link to the airdrop page complete the task and you’re ready to go.

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What are the benefits of participating in Airdrops?

“YOU WON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO LOOSE”, You don’t require money to participate in airdrops, it is best you sign up for 90% of the airdrops you get information about as you may strike a gold mine one day.

*Note: This is not a financial advice as we only offer opinions.

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