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Cryptomineholdings Review | Bitcoin Investment Program

Cryptomineholdings  | Bitcoin Investment Program

Cryptomineholdings is a company that just started and is into crypto-mining and saving. They mine different crypto-currencies and also buy them at low rates from investors, hold them till the desired profit are achieved and then, share the profit with their investors.

Cryptomineholdings bitcoin investment review

The site has SSL certificate (which makes them very good at least because your security is so important to them), hosted on a dedicated server, has DDoS-protection (distributed denial of service is a type of attack in which hackers send too many traffic to a server thereby bringing them down) – this is the type of attack that you probably have seen in some investment sites that causes them to just shutdown, has a round the clock technical support and pays automatically.

The site has a great design also, which shows they are really out for business. They also offer mining services and as such, we advise that you buy a section of their hardware. The site is pretty new and at the time of writing this review, they have just 116 total accounts and this increase the chances of you making it big from the site.


On the site, you get to choose different packages and invest depending on the amount you want to deposit. The platform is unique in that you get to invest not only with bitcoin but with perfect money, litecoin and payeer.

This means that you’ve got a wide range of crypto-currencies to choose from (this makes it flexible) but you only get to pay and receive your payment through only one medium. That is, if you decide to make an investment using Bitcoin, your interests would be paid through Bitcoin. You can make investments through different crypto-currencies on your single account. They do not accept multiple accounts and if their engineers detect such, these accounts get deleted immediately.

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You get your withdrawal sent directly to your wallet immediately you request for a withdrawal. They also have referral programs where you receive 10% bonus from the deposit made by anyone you refer to the site. Upon registration, you get a unique referral link from which you can refer people.

You get 5% daily for 30 days if you invest between $50 and $50,000, 6% daily for the same 30 days if you invest between $200 and $50,000 and 7% for a month if you invest between $500 and $50,000.

Don’t trade what you can’t risk losing, xtrahola or any of its staff will not be held responsible for any loss incurred in the process of using this program.

Unlike some investment sites, cryptomineholdings have customer support contact form which you can fill if you have any issues to lay a complaint about. They also have various social media accounts where you can follow them to know about what they do and who they are (which is also a plus for them).

 How to Register at CryptomineHoldings?

To register to the platform, click this link “REGISTER”  and fill in the form that appears. Follow the prompt and that’s all! You have been registered. Start depositing and watch your investment grow. You can withdraw your investments any time you want to.


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