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How To Easily Setup WhatsApp Web Login For PC


Just like me, you are the type that is always on your PC more often than on mobile, maybe even at work. Or you are more convenient to chat on WhatsApp with your PC for any other reason such as having more communication experience on your computer. Today I will be giving the most complete guide on how to setup WhatsApp web login on your pc.

If you have ever wanted to set up WhatsApp on your pc, with today’s guide you will be able to set up Whatsapp web login all by yourself without anyone assisting you. Also in this same post, I will answer all questions bothering about WhatsApp web login.

For the sake of those who are new to WhatsApp web login, permit me to start this guide with the basis of WhatsApp web login, like the meaning of WhatsApp web login and so on, I’m doing this to ensure that everyone gets along easily with the rest of this post.


Whatsapp web is the official web version WhatsApp Mobile which provides you the capability to read and send messages directly from your pc via a web browser. The messages you send and receive are fully synced between your Smartphone and your computer, and you can see all those messages on both devices. Anything you take on the phone will connect to WhatsApp on your computer.

Although WhatsApp still demands thаt іt іѕ іnѕtаllеd оn Mobile, before you will be able to use it on Pc. Meaning that the first requirement to be able to use WhatsApp Web is an active WhatsApp account on your smartphone.

Whatsapp Web Login Features

Whatsapp Web has lots of fun and interesting features. Let’s take a closer look at its features.

  1. It has Simple and reliable messaging. You can send free messages to your friends and family.
  2. Whatsapp web has amazing keyboard shortcuts.
  3. You can read messages without the blue tick notification.
  4. With the WhatsApp web, you can insert attractive emojis.
  5. Use multiple Whatsapp accounts on the same PC.
  6. You can also increase Volume or Change Audio Playback Speed.
  7. Group chats and group info.
  8. Share photos, record audio, or use your webcam
  9. Seamless link-up between mobile and web versions.
  10. Completely Free

Before I continue, remember that comments on this site are FREE, so at any point within this post that you don’t understand or you want any point explained further, ensure that you use the comment section below to express yourself.

You can be able to connect with your computer once your phone and Pc is connected to the internet. The connectivity has to go together. The WhatsApp QR Code scanner helps initiate the connections between your computer and mobile phone. So you should have it in mind that;

  • Without your mobile phone, you can’t initiate the connection
  • Without internet connection between both devices, you can’t also connect
  • And you do not need a password to start using Web, just as the Mobile version.

Full Guide On Web Login

To setup Whatsapp web login, you must have the following requirement.

  1. A mobile phone, which supports WhatsApp and also has a good camera; this is very necessary.
  2. A working Pc.
  3. Stable internet connectivity.

If you have the above requirement, then let’s move over to the full guide proper.

  1. At first, you should know that a Desktop(PC) browser is needed to connect to the web login page. So lunch your PC browser (Mozilla, Safari, Chrome, Opera, UC browser, etc).
  2. Enter the WhatsApp website Then when the page opens you have to click on “WHATSAPP WEB”.whatsApp Web login
  3. Then go-to your mobile phone, open your WhatsApp app and Tap on the three dots (…) in the upper right corner to display the main menu.whatsApp Web login
  4. There you should find the new WhatsApp Web option which you need to tap on.
    whatsApp Web loginA short explanation of the feature is displayed the first time you use it – click “Got it”.
  5. Use the QR Code scanner on the mobile device to scan the code displayed on the website (Desktop). Make sure the phone Captures your screen to scan the QR Code.whatsApp Web login QR Scan
  6. Done! Finally, your phone is paired and now will be able to see the messages on Whatsapp Web.

This syncs the phone’s data with the website and displays your groups, chats, and conversations on the site.

WhatsApp Web Signs and Meanings; It is important you know them all.

When you are fully logged on WhatsApp web account there are signs you will be seeing which you may not understand what they do stands for (for first users). These WhatsApp signs are indicators informing you of what is happening on your mobile phone and PC while you have connected your WhatsApp with your PC.

This issue is taken to be serious because of some complains coming to us that the “ Web Login” isn’t functioning.

Phone Battery Low Indicator

whatsApp Web login indicator

The phone battery low indicator reminds you of your battery status that your phone many be switching-off any moment from that time the sign comes reminding you of it. At this point, you are expected to plug in your phone to power/increase more energy in the phone battery. If your phone battery goes flat then off – you will be disconnected from web.

Mobile Phone Not Connected

whatsApp Web login indicator

Whenever your phone connection is off or weak there is usually an indicator on PC, alerting you to take action; which could be reconnecting your network.

Computer Connection Lost Signal

When there is no more connection on your Desktop (PC) then the indicator warns you about it – for you to take immediate action to fix it up. But already you know nothing in life is stable so therefore if you know in your location your network breaks-out and reconnect again then you don’t have to do anything, rather than doing your thing (chatting) and once the network is back your WhatsApp web connection indicator will disappear.

Okay now, back to the Guide.

What You Should Know About WhatsApp Web Login

  1. If your phone camera is not working properly or not clear enough then the QR code will not scan successfully.
  2. During and after connection – make sure to always leave your phone connected so that your PC can always get connected (whether your phone is close to you or not, but as long as it is connected).

What Are The Additional Settings On Whatsapp Web

You can set the desktop notifications and select which way of notification suits you Example- A popup when you get a message, A quick preview of the message. Similarly, you can enable/disable the notification sound.

Mute the conversations; with right-click on any chat. Besides, you can do the same for web client and turn off Notifications for your desired time. You can also change the background wallpaper of the chats.

What Are Common Issues with Whatsapp Web Setup

If you are unable to scan the QR Code try, refresh the web page on your browser. Alternatively, you can reopen WhatsApp on your phone.

In case of messages not deliver, need to check your internet connection for both phone and laptop/desktop. If your phone’s battery is low, you need to charge your phone to continue the WhatsApp web.

Is Web Login without Phone and without Scanning QR Code Possible?

The answer is “NO”. It is not possible to connect your WhatsApp PC without the phone and QR code. And that is the reason You have the follow our guide below, also watch the video to learn more how Web Login works (not without phone or QR code).

Additional Tips For Using Whatsapp Web

Well, a good guideline is always better for any application usage. Here we came with some tips to use the Whatsapp web and be secured.

Logout from Whatsapp web once you are done with checking the message on the browser. For more security reasons, go the setting from your mobile and select log out from all the devices. This will make an extra layer of security for your Whatsapp account.

Whatsapp Web Login

Never let the Whatsapp web open in case you are moving outside or leaving your system for some time. Anyone can read your conversations and response too.

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