English Premier League – Betting Guide, Tips & Advice

When it comes to online football betting, the English Premier League is among the top competitions welcoming millions of bets every week. Punters have an excellent opportunity to be on in-play and pre-match events, with lots of markets being available in leading bookies like Betway. However, the competitive nature of the league makes it a bit tricky to remain successful in the long-run without the right strategy.
English premier league betting tips, guides and advices

This EPL betting guide will give you tips and advice to minimize the risk of losing your money and help you turn a profit, whether you’re a recreational or a professional punter.

EPL Betting Guide

Like betting on any other football league, wagering on the EPL is as easy as choosing an outcome and deciding your stake. However, it’s essential to secure the best odds for your selection. That’s easy to achieve if you have multiple online betting accounts to have the chance to compare the odds at your disposal.

Multiple bets like doubles or accumulators are a brilliant option when betting on the premier league. Doubles contain two selections in a list to create an alternative odd given by multiplying the two odds. The accumulator is similar to a double, but with more choices and carrying a more significant risk of losing. Nonetheless, you stand a chance to cash in big if your selections are correct.

Where to Place Bets on Premier League Games

While there are hundreds, if not thousands of bookies offering premier league betting online, only a few can be trusted. For competitive odds, Betway English Premier League bets are always friendly to punters, giving you competitive odds and an extensive collection of betting markets. 

It’s advisable to sign up on the most popular and leading bookmakers in your jurisdiction, minimizing the risk of being conned. However, you may need to consider other factors like the user interface, security, banking methods, and member support.

Best Premier League Teams to Bet On

Most customers back their favorite teams to win, but that doesn’t always work out, though it may help you win a few bets. At times, you can get value by combining the leading teams in an accumulator bet on a weekend. Still, you must be careful to avoid being overconfident about a team that’s overrated by the bookies.

Premier League Betting Tips For Long-term Success

When betting on the EPL, there are a couple of things you must do to increase your chances of making profits. Most of these tips apply to all football leagues in general, but they work best on the EPL if you combine them with your research and personal knowledge of the league. The most important include:

  1. Only bet where there’s value 
  2. Specialize in certain markets
  3. Keep a detailed record of all your bets
  4. Use a consistent staking method
  5. Conduct regular research and carefully analyze the teams


With hundreds of expert punters offering free Premier League tips and Predictions every week, you can quickly go from being a rookie to an expert gambler on the league. However, not all tipsters are right, so you need to be careful and also consider your research before placing a wager. 

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