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Facebook Applause Research Program: Earn FREE $100 monthly

Have you ever heard of the Facebook research program by applause? If not, you have been missing a lot. You may have been looking for ways to earn money for nothing doing anything and that is what Facebook research program offers you.

You just get paid every month into your account for keeping the app on your phone.

It is just a 5.6mb app and it doesn’t harm your phone in any way. You just have to keep the app on your phone and you get paid for every month the app is on your phone. Isn’t that cool?

The app was created to know the rate at which phone users use their phone and how they use it. The app runs in the background so you don’t worry about anything it does. You barely know it is on your phone.

However, there are different requirements to join the research program. Don’t worry, this requirement will be discussed right now.

Facebook Research Program APPLAUSE

Facebook Research Program APPLAUSE

Facebook Research Program Requirements

The requirements are very easy to come by, so there’s nothing to worry about, It doesn’t require any cash. Here are the requirements for the Facebook Applause Research Program:

Android 6.0: Like many other apps out there, only android versions of 6.0 and above can download the app. If your smartphone is less than 6.0 version, you can not partake inn thus research program. Also, iPhone users can also partake in this program.

Valid PayPal account: A valid PayPal account is also important for this project. That’s how you will get paid. Your Paypal must be valid and able to receive from another party. If you don’t have a PayPal account, simply head on to and create an account. Fill in the correct details and use your valid email address which you will also use to sign up on the referral program.

Those are the simple requirements. I believe you have all of them at your disposal now.
Disclaimer: This program is only available for USA and Indian residents. Anybody who is not from thus country will not be able to sign up.

How does the facebook research app program work?

The program pays you $10 directly into your PayPal account each month after you have joined. Once your application is confirmed, you will be paid one month after joining.

You also earn $5 per person you invite into this referral program. When you refer up to 5 people, you automatically earn $100 free. One thing you just note is that you just invite all these people within 30 days of joining.

After 30 days, you won’t be able to refer anymore and the people you refer must be residents of the USA or India.

How to join the program

Joining the Facebook research app program is only possible via referral. So how will you join? Just follow these easy steps:

1. Drop your comment: There’s no link for anyone to sign up. so, you are required to drop your email and your name in the comment box after leaving your comment. Do not disk the comment box with links. Your comment, name and email are all that is required.

2. You will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions on how to sign up.

3. Sign up through the link you get on the email.

4. Fill in the appropriate fields with your correct details.

5. You will be required to download an app. Click to download it and just open the app.

6. Check your email again after the app has been downloaded.
The remaining details including when you will get paid will be sent to you.

Facebook Research Program Registration for a different country?

Like I said earlier, the research app is only available for people of USA and India but I can show you how to join from a different country. Follow the instruction carefully or else you won’t be approved.

1. Download Winscribe VPN from Google play store
2. Register and select the unlimited plan.
3. Select USA central as your country and connect.
4. After connecting. Simply create a PayPal account with the VPN on and choose USA as your country.
5. Add your correct details except for the phone number and address.
6. Use a USA number and address.
7. Then drop your comment at the end of the post with your email and full name in their respective correct fields.
8. Wait for an email from Facebook research program.
9. Open the email and sign up from the link given in that email.
10. Download the app and you’re done.

How do I get more referrals for the research app?

You do know when you refer someone to Facebook applause research program, you earn $15. After 5 referrals, you are given $100 every month until the Facebook research app leaves your phone. You will get an email alerting you when payment by as been sent.

To get more referrals, you can do any of the following:
1. Forums: There are many forums you can use to earn a lot of referrals. Forums like Red dot discussion forum, Nairaland forum, warriors forum etc. Create a list about it and ask people to drop their contact so you can refer them.

2. Facebook groups: Facebook groups are usually very active with a lot of people. When you join a Facebook group, create a post and ask people to drop their contacts in the comment box.

3. Email marketing: Email marketing is also a great way to reach many people fit for referral on the Facebook applause research program.

4. Blog comments: In blog comments, you can also advertise this opportunity. When you reach a blog with lots of comments, you can drop your comment and ask people to contact you through the number you dropped in the comment box.

5. Facebook page: If you run a make money online page, paid adverts can also be a great addition for you. If you run Facebook ads for a week, you will get a lot of referrals for yourself. The Facebook applause research program is the easiest possible way to make money online.

So now that you have knowledge of Facebook applause research program, Happy earnings.

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