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100% working Free browsing for all networks

Free browsing is actually a real thing in case you don’t believe we can’t help but wonder how much time and money must have wasted or some fake browsing cheats.

Oh sorry if you were not granted the data you wished but right here right now is a list of all the 100% legit and working free browsing tricks you could ever think of.

The great thing here is that it cuts across all networks we will have a view on how to do free browsing on all the networks in browsing tricks


Please note that some terms and conditions apply to this tricks some as im specific and as such may not work for your own steam but work for one of your friends sim ok either way it is always cool to try them out and be sure one cannot be too safe.

In this post we will talk about free browsing for all the major networks: MTN, airtel, 9mobile and GLO. Fully packed 100% working free browsing tricks for you.

MTN free browsing with Psiphon handler

MTN users have

complained about the way the network seems to always suck their data in no time. Some claimed that MTN does not give you the exact amount of data you subscribed for but give you half of it, that is why the data finishes in less time than you expect.

Either it is true or not, it is not our business because we have the trick for MTN free browsing. They can suck their data anyhow the want it and we won’t feel a thing.

MTN free browsing using psiphon handler

You can also browse for free using the psiphon handler app. These app is a sort of VPN that changes your IP address. Below are the steps to follow to activate it:

1. Download and install psiphon handler here

2. Now it is time to tweak the app to give you free browsing opportunity. You can do so by following these steps

  • Check “Remove port box”
  • Proxy type: Dual Real Host
  • Proxy server:
  • Real proxy type: HTTP
  • Real proxy port: 80

3. Click on the “OPTION select “UNITER STATE” as your region. This will hide your IP address and make it look like you are surfing from America.

4. In the “Options” tab, under CONNECT THROUGH HTTP, and enter as your Host address and 8080 as the Port

You can now connect and start your free browsing.

MTN free browsing using HTTP injector

To enable this, you need some things at your disposal first, and they are:

  • MTN sim with no data and airtime at all.
  • HTTP injector app. You can download it here
  • Android smartphone
  • HTTP injector configure file. Download here. The configure file you are download with must have an extension of .ehi not .apk

After all that is set, you ca now start following these steps below to activate your free browsing of MTN using http injector.

  1. Install the http injector app and launch it
  2. Download MTN 0.0k configure file here
  3. After, that, open the http  injector app and click on “file” icon which is located on the top right corner of the app.
  4. Click on “import config”
  5. Search for the MTN 0.0K config file you downloaded before and import it.
  6. Click on “start” button below and wait for it to connect.
  7. You can now start browsing for free on MTN

Glo free browsing trick

GLO also have a free browsing trick very few people know about. You have read about the MTN browsing cheat, now it is time for GLO users. Glo is the grand masters of data but with a ll those amazing data plan awoof, one is never satisfied…that is why we are bringing this heat that enables free browsing on any 3G enabled glo sim android phone. Among all data plans in Nigeria, GLO is still the cheapest.

Follow the steps below;

1. Download AnonyTurn VPN here. Works similar to the psiphon handler mentioned before. Note: only use version 1.3 for this

2. Get a GLO sim with N0.00 balance and no data at all – 0.00MB.

3. The APN settings required for this cheat is shown below:
APN: 9mobile
APN Type: Default,Supl
Proxy: Blank
Port: Blank
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
2. After Downloading, Launch the application –and Click Continue
3. Click on “Stealth Settings”
4. Now instert the following:
Connection Protocol: HTTP
Connection Port: 80 or 8080 or 8081
6. Put the following there
Then tick USER AGENT
Then tick KEEP-ALIVE
7. Select GENERATE
8. Click on Save

That is it. Easy steps to follow and you have activate free browsing on GLO network.

GLO free browsing without VPN

You do not need to download any VPN to start usintg this trick. Glo is simply offering you 5.2GB for N100 value and 10.4GB data for N200 value respectively.


  1. Migrate to Glo jolific8 by dialing *608# on your glo sim
  2. Confirm your migration my dialing *100#
  3. Recharge your sim with at least N100 worth of airtime and you will be awarded 5.2GB data,

Airtel free browsing

Airtel also has some free browsing opportunities. You can browse for free and it is 100%$ legit without the use of a VPN. Airtel users would be having a jubilation.

How to Get Airtel 1GB Data Free with *475#

This is simple and new. All you have to do is just dial *475# twice on your airtel sim.

After the first dial, you will receive a notification telling you that the code is for only weekend plan, ignore it and dial again. The second time it will tell you that your free data has been activated. It is a free data that gives you 1GB only on weekends from 12AM on Saturdays to 11:59 on Sundays. Use it wisely.

Other airtel free data code offers you can try

*141*13*200# –  200MBdata.

*141*13*100# – 100MB

*141*13*50# –   t 50MB . *141*13*1#  – 1MB

9mobile free browsing trick

Finally, the last network and its free browsing cheat. Here are the requirements:

  • 9mobile sim with no data and airtime
  • WhatsVPn from playstore
  • Advance download manager from playstore

Follow the steps below:

  1. Install and launch the whatsVPN from google playstore
  2. Turn on your mobile data
  3. Search for any movie or song you want to download and copy the link
  4. Open Advance Download Manager app
  5. Click on the + sign at the bottom right corner of the app
  6. Paste the download link there and click “start”
  7. Itr will start downloading your movie.

That’s all on the free browsing tricks for all networks. Post will be updated sub-frequently so keep visiting.

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