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Glo G- BAM tariff plan offers 11 kb / sec for calls, and free daily data



Glo G- BAM tariff plan offers 11 kb / sec for calls, and free daily data.

Glo G-BAM is a prepaid tariff plan that offers new and existing customers an amazing cheaper call rates and daily free data simply by swicting to the tariff

The attractive calling rate example: 11kb/sec , can be used to call five special numbers. The daily data given to any subscriber on the tariff plan is 5MB only.

Glo G-BAM attracts a daily rental fee of N5 only. When the N5 is being deducted from your line, your call rate will reduce and other extra benefits of the tariff plan, such as the free data and cheaper call rate will be active.

Imagine calling your  love ones I.e your friends and family  at the rate of 11kb/sec, instead of the default Glo 25kb/sec. Do you know how many credit you would save in the process? In fact, your N200 will be sufficient to call your whole family.

Benefits of Glo GBAM tariff plan

1. Free daily 5MB.
2. Call friends and families as special numbers at 11kobo/sec.
3. Free Night Calling is available.
4. Free radio subscription.

How you can register the five special numbers on Glo G-BAM?

Simply dial *101 * 1 *the person’s number# and you should note that the first registration of those five numbers are free but to delete or modify those numbers, you will be charged N50 only.
To modify the special numbers, simply dial * 101 *2 * existing number * new number# and send.

What are the call and SMS rate of Glo G-BAM?
Onnet call rate is 15kobo/sec and calls to families and friends is charged at 9kobo/sec to five glo numbers and offnet call rate is 15kobo per second.
Onnet and offnet SMS rate are charged at N4/SMS and international SMS rate is N10/SMS.

How do I activate free night calling on Glo G-BAM?

Use N30 between 00:01 and 23:59 and enjoy free onnet calls from 00:00 to 04:59 every day.

How do I get the 5MB on G-BAM?

When your N5 daily rental fee is deducted, the 5MB will automatically be added to your data balance. You can use it to surf on the internet.

If you exhaust the 5MB data, you can use your credit to browse as-you-go.
How can I migrate to Glo G-BAM tariff plan?

Simply dial *100 * 5 *1# to migrate to Glo G-BAM tariff plan. It’s available for both new and existing subscribers on the network.

To opt out, kindly migrate to the next tariff plan by dialling the migration code, and automatically, you will be migrated out of Glo G-BAM.


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