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Glo Ghana Freenet via APN settings and Netflix pro Advanced

Glo Ghana free browsing through APN settings and  Netflix pro advanced

glo ghana free browsing

Due to the fact that Glo Nigeria is enjoying unlimited n uninterrupted freenet since August 2016, We free browsing master rub minds together to bring Good and wonderful free browsing or freenet for Ghana through APN settings

This is how the Ghana free browsing works:

Create new APN settings

Name: Glo net

APN: internet

APN type: default

Proxy address:





Port: 80

save and select as default

Goto your in-built phone browser

type bing. com

it will display the web proxy ,then blaze on with it to download anything n you can stream YouTube through it

for netflix pro advanced

Download Netflix Pro Advanced

Tick remove port or

proxy server type: real host

proxy server: or

real proxy server type: default

press Save

press tunnel whole

choose any working region


blaze on

Glo Ghana Free BrowsingFor PC settings

connect your modem

Go to your Mozilla Browser Settings

Open your favorite browser, eg Mozilla Firefox, click on the settings tray in the top right,

click on OPTIONS

click on ADVANCED

click on NETWORK and click on Settings
Select manual proxy and add the following proxy address and post
HTTP Proxy –
Port – 80.

press use proxy as all protocol

Add the Proxy address above and port to any other browsers and applications i.e idm,chrome n you will use to get it work on them.

Enter or or you enter this link if you use as your proxy address
enter this

and it will display web proxy then blaze on

you can stream YouTube through it n unlimited download

credits to guruylee from Ghana

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