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GlobalBid Review NOT PAYING | Bitcoin Investment Program Review

Yet another Bitcoin investment platform, Globalbid offers you amazing interests on your investment. GlobalBid runs on a secured server (SSL certificate), makes use of a dedicated server, has absolute protection for your data and has a really nice and responsive design. The platform is actually a business that is registered in the United Kingdom. They are a crypto-currency trading company and also leading in this area.

globalbid bitcoin investment Review

Globalbid homepage

It promises interest rates depending on the investment you make and the interest rates are paid daily for a lifetime provided you still invest with them.

How much do I get for my Investment on GlobalBid?

As earlier stated, you get profits for your investment depending on the amount of bitcoin you invest to the platform. An investment of between 0.005BTC and 0.5BTC attracts a daily profit of 5% of your investment forever, an investment between 0.5BTC and 2BTC attracts a daily profit of 7% of the invested capital forever while any investment that is higher than 2BTC attracts a daily profit of 10% forever.


These rates are mind-blowing and keep calling each time someone sees them.

Anyone can register to the platform and it does not require any prior knowledge of how crypto-trading works. Their team of expert brokers does all the work and you as an investor only reap the fruit of your investment.

You can make deposits as soon as you register your account through the “DEPOSIT” button on your dashboard. You can deposit directly from your bitcoin wallet or reinvest your profit with them. The deposit works thus:

The system will show you a bitcoin wallet where you are required to make the deposit to and you should ensure that the wallet you use to make the deposit is yours and that you deposit the required amount to the wallet.

The platform only accepts Bitcoin payments and you can make numerous deposits. The system also makes sure that once you request for a withdrawal, it is immediately deposited to your wallet within some seconds all things being equal. You are required to make some confirmations to make sure you are the one requesting for the withdrawal (this is also a plus for the site’s security).

The system makes payment automatically irrespective of the day or time of the request (24/7 payment) and you can withdraw as low as 0.0005BTC anytime you want to.

They also run affiliate programs and you can become an affiliate even if you don’t make any deposit to the platform. Upon registration, you are given a unique referral address from which you can refer people to the site and earn commissions based on the deposits made by these referred people.

Also, you can change your Bitcoin wallet at any time assuming you lost your wallet details or want to pay into another wallet and you are not charged any fee for withdrawing your earnings from the site.

The most interesting thing about the site is that they have an online customer care agent who you can talk to any time on the site. They also have a contact form and you can send them messages anytime.

How to Sign Up/ Invest on Globalbid?

STEP 1: Visit GLOBALBID.BIZ at the top of the page and you will be see a Sign-Up Link that will take you to the registration page as shown below: registeration page registeration page

STEP 2: After registration, you will be taken to a confirmation page and then, told to log in to your account.

Enter your username and password, and then click on login. You will be taken to your dashboard that looks like the picture below: dashboard | free bitcoin

Globalbid dashboard

Bravo! It is completed and you can now start making deposits.





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