Globe/Tm freenet via xp psiphon

freenet via xp psiphon

Globe/tm freenet
Globe/tm ph freenet via xp psiphon


1. Android phone or PC

2. A Globe simcard

3. XP Psiphon v.6 (important)

4. You sim card must not have any call credit or data

5. Patience for the connection!


1. Click here to download XP Psiphon V.5 for android

2. Download any of the configurations in the link below (Its recommended to download all the configurations so as to have alternatives)

Click here to visit the configuration s


3. Install the app and then open it

4. Click on the left top icon to reveal a list of selection

5. Now scroll down and click on clear settings

6. After clearing the settings, go and select ” import configuration”

7. From your downloaded items,Search for the configuration that you downloaded and then select 1 to upload.

8. The configuration would ask for a password. Type and then click on connect to start enjoying free unlimited internet on your Globe super fast network!

Credit to techfoe fr this

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