How to Start a Blog in Nigeria


How to Start a Blog

Creating your first Blog can be easy, there are a lot of platforms from which you can startup your  own blog, from wordpress to blogger, to tumblr, bolt, and so on.

As a newbie, you can start with blogspot – its powered by google and has some pretty neat advantages, like for 1. its free,

2. you get a free 15gb worth of space of storage to google drive.

3. your images are being stored in picasa.

It’s amazing, but if you have a neat budget, it’s advisable to use a platform where you can customize your blog as much as you want and have full control.

Consider the self hosted version of wordpress or   Blot cms → is a self hosted wordpress Blog for example.

Here are a few other suggestions to help you get started:
1. Find out your topic of interest and blog about, it’s always better to stick on to a single niche.
2. Choose a suitable blogging platform, wordpress is my favorite. Blogger too is good,but I like the simplicity offered by wordpress.
3. Try to post new articles regularly.
4. Share your articles on Facebook, this will increase your blog traffic and return traffic.
5. The most important thing to keep in mind while blogging is “Content is king” so focus on quality contents.

Wish you all the best & happy blogging days ahead.

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  • Blogging these days couldn’t be more easier. Gone are those days when you have to pay to start your own blog.

    In this article you will learn how to start a blog vividly with picture description within few minutes…

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