How to Write an Academic Article

Writing academic (educational, journalistic and scientific) articles or thesis writing is one of the basic professional skills of not only a modern sociologist, but also a person with a university degree education. Ability to represent and qualitatively formulate own thoughts, build argumentation, draw conclusions and seize space discussions are needed in everyday communication in the audience, social networks and any interactions.

academic article writing

academic article writing

What do you need?

  • The ability to navigate in publications, choose the right one for the target information;
  • The ability to think carefully to read, reflex, analyze texts and write own text in scientific style;
  • The ability to carefully build your logic of reasoning;
  • The ability to correctly quote the source, get rid of plagiarism in work;
  • The ability to write your own beautiful text through its correction and rewriting.

There are several proven writing tips how to write an academic article correctly:

  1. Write to your audience

Before you write the first letter of your research paper writing, always think for whom it is intended. Does it answer the main idea of ​​your resource and other articles posted on it? Explore the interests of people and try to meet their expectations. Explore which topics generate the most comments and feedback on social networks. Conduct a survey among readers that allows them to better understand their preferences and interests. If you want to expand the range of the topics of your resource, then do it with caution and with a look at the reaction of the readers.

  1. Do writing paper simple

Without paying attention to your academic education, try to write as simple as possible. No, it’s even easier. No one likes to put extra effort into finding the deep-seated content you hide. People love to read simple and understandable things. If you can not even talk about the most complicated topics in this way, then your resource will be left immediately in search of more accessible information.

  1. Write about the main thing

Even before writing paper, think about its main idea. Often it happens that the author begins the material about one, then jumps to the side, and the end does not appear at all. Therefore, it is important before writing the material to answer the following questions to yourself: “What do I want to say to the reader?” And “I’m writing this article, so what?”. Permanent retention of answers to these questions in your head will make the article slim and clear.

  1. Well check it out

After the final point, pause and do other things. And then open your work and try to read it in the eyes of another person. Cut off excess, simplify complex, highlight the main thing. And be sure to correct spelling mistakes – nothing so spoils the impression of even the most awesome article like a couple of stupid mistakes!

Like an essay and a course paper, an academic article begins with an idea and an interest in a particular topic. The idea for an article may come from anything. But note that the subject of the scientific text should be as narrow as possible, especially when it is your first publication. It is better to focus on a piece of a specific topic, to work it qualitatively, in order not to get lost in multilayer subjects and not to provide a superficial analysis.

A scientific article is your contribution to the development of science. Whether it will be weighty or will remain unnoticed, it depends on you.

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