What is IGTV, the new Instagram video tool, and how does it work?

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IGTV is a new feature exclusive to Instagram videos, aimed at sharing high-quality videos up to 60 minutes upright and full screen.

If you are a heavy user of social networks and applications, you have realised that they are always updating to meet users’ needs.

This is because the digital environment changes so fast that people are continually looking for new ways to consume and share content.

The media that do not follow this rhythm end up losing space and becoming outdated.

Therefore, to keep up with trends and stand out even more in the marketplace, Instagram recently launched IGTV.

The new application is a bet on the increasing consumption of videos, which have been one of the popular content formats of internet users.

Want to know more about this news? Then read further.


What is IGTV?

IGTV is a free Instagram application made for long-term video sharing.

While Instagram only allows video posting for up to 60 seconds, the new app has room for the content of up to 1 hour.

According to the definition of the platform itself, Instagram TV has mobility as one of its main focuses.

The videos will be made for mobile phones, so they will be streamed upright and full screen, the ideal format to watch on those devices.

Another priority is simple and intuitive use.

Once accessed, IGTV will start streaming videos from the accounts you already follow on Instagram, without having to start following all the people and brands that interest you again.

And you can get ready to watch videos you make: IGTV doesn’t offer the option to upload freshly recorded videos, as with Instagram Stories.

It has an idea to make a platform for complete, well-planned and high-quality content.


How does IGTV work?

Launched on June 20, 2019, IGTV can be accessed either from within Instagram itself or from an external app available for Android and iOS.

Although they are different applications, the two are fully integrated. Besides the visual similarity, to access IGTV, you must have an Instagram account.

IGTV is designed and developed, especially for mobile devices. As soon as you click IGTV and open a video, it starts playing automatically. The symbol for accessing it on Instagram is the top right corner of the homepage.

The idea behind the feature is to turn it into an actual television set where users don’t have to waste time searching for content from people they follow. Everything will be on one screen.

Who can use IGTV?

One of the good points of this news is that it will not be exclusive to famous Instagrammers.

All users will have the chance to use the new feature to share their videos. To do this, simply upload it via the app itself, available for iOS and Android, or the web version.

IGTV focuses on young audiences and competes with YouTube, opening the door for anyone interested in becoming a content creator.

With great videos, it not difficult to stand out and become a “popular and well known on Instagram TV”.

Important: Currently, only verified accounts could post 1-hour videos. Other users have a limit of up to 10 minutes. Creators can add CTA(call to action) to their videos by inserting links to other platforms, profiles or websites.

Why is it essential to make longer content?

You can’t ignore the success of the short videos that take over the Instagram feed and stories.

However, the ability to share longer content gives creators the chance to put more information into their videos, making the material more valuable and attractive to users.

The goal is to deliver something that adds value to the audience, which is much easier to do when you have more time to talk about it.

Is IGTV monetized?

IGTV is still a very new feature and does not have a monetization system.

Nevertheless, many content producers have embraced this functionality because their delivery to the public is higher, and there are other possibilities to monetize the videos.

In addition, Instagram is likely to make significant investments to make the platform even more attractive to audiences, content creators and businesses. Monetizing videos through ads is one of the ways they can go.

Meanwhile, IGTV may serve other strategies. Reaching a new audience and brand awareness are some examples.


IGTV Features

Who wants to access IGTV individually, just download it via the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android). Remembering that the feature is available in the Instagram application. By accessing it, the user has access to a feed with vertical videos.

The interface has search tools, video suggestions, accessible content and the option to post a video. Let’s get to know each one of them.

1. Categories

IGTV categories are organised into four primary tabs:

  • Following: Here, the platform brings together all the videos and channels you follow;
  • Popular: Shows the most popular videos among platform users;
  • History: Shows the videos you have recently watched;
  • Saved: Shows the videos you have saved to view again later.

2. IGTV Research

In the tool, the user has access to a search field through a magnifying glass symbol. The function allows the public to search by user or keyword.

Results with the most relevant channels are displayed in a vertical list. By selecting one of them, the user has access to a quick channel description, a list of the videos already published and a follow button.

3. Post a video

All Instagram users already have a channel on IGTV. That is, at any time, you can post a video. Just click the plus icon above the video cards.

Your video must be longer than 1 minute and 15 seconds. Want to learn how to post a video by adding it to your feed and stories, attracting more followers? Check out the walkthrough below!

hoe to use igtv

How to use IGTV: Step by step to post

Now that you are familiar with and familiar with IGTV tools, it’s time to make the most of it. Because it’s a new feature, it’s something that gets a lot of attention from Instagram itself.

If you go to the Explore tab, you will see that IGTV is in the upper left corner and scrolling the page you will see in other prominent places as well.

But to get the desired attention, the video has to do well to deserve it. Let’s get our hands dirty?

Creating the video

Unlike feed and Stories, you must already have the video recorded and edited to post on IGTV. There are several free and paid video editing apps.

But before you start recording your videos for IGTV, it’s essential to be aware of the following details:

  • IGTV only accepts videos in vertical format, with a ratio of 9:16, with a minimum resolution of 720 pixels and a maximum of 4K. These are basic platform requirements to maintain the quality standard.
  • As mentioned, verified accounts can post videos up to 1 hour. But these videos must necessarily be uploaded by the computer;
  • IGTV’s privacy follows the standards of your profile. That is, if your account is private, only approved followers can be your videos. If it’s public, your videos will be open to everyone on Instagram.

Adding video on IGTV

By clicking to add a new video on IGTV, you can customise and make it more attractive. The video should already be in your gallery ready to be posted, just like the thumb.

To add the thumbnail, just select the video, advance and pick up the art from the camera roll. That done, it’s time to optimise the video.

  • Title: This is the title of the video. It should be short and flashy, making it clear what the user will watch;
  • Description: It is essential to add a description, giving more details about the video content;
  • IGTV Series: Works like a playlist. If you do not have one, the option Add to series and Create your first series will appear. Just enter the Title and if you want, a Description.
  • Post a preview: In this step, you can choose whether to add a preview to your profile and feed. The preview must be up to 1 minute;
  • Edit profile cover: This will be the cover that will appear in the feed. Automatically will pull the thumbnail of the video, you can select which part will appear and save;
  • Facebook and Watch: Finally, you select if you want to share on Facebook.

Important: Everything ready? Just click Publish. But review everything first to make sure everything is all right. Once posted, you can’t change anything else.

Ready to stand out on IGTV?

Here are some tips that will help you create quality content to stand out on IGTV:

1. Think of a theme you master

To make a good video, you need to know a lot about your chosen subject.

Remember that the purpose of IGTV is that everyone can create content and make it deeper. That is, the competition will be great, and people will not waste time watching tiresome and shallow videos.

So choose a theme that you have mastery of to be able to convey credibility and become an authority on that subject.

2. Make a script

For you to make a very complete and professional-looking video, it is essential to make a script before recording.

As well as being an effective way to maintain linear and sequential content with scripting, you don’t risk missing important information.

Since there is no option to upload freshly recorded videos, you will have time to prepare the content, sort out important data, and think of all the tools you will use to record your videos.

3. Use professional tools

If want your the idea is to stand out on IGTV; you should not make it average videos with fuzzy images or outside noises.

Users often give up watching those videos that do not have good audio and image quality to the end, as this impairs their understanding of the content.

That’s why it’s important to use a professional camera and microphone. But we know that it is not always possible to invest in these tools in the beginning.

The good news is that most cell phones have these very advanced features, and if this is the case with your device, you can use it to record your videos.

Just don’t forget that they have to be engraved vertically, ok?

4. Edit your videos

Longer videos usually need editing, either to fix some flaws or to make them more dynamic and interesting.

You need to provide an enjoyable and relevant experience for your followers.

So take the time to edit to cut out unnecessary or wrong speech, adjust audio, add soundtracks and sound effects, links, tag other profiles, and do everything to make your content as appealing as possible.

5. Promote your IGTV videos on Instagram itself

IGTV is a new tool, so not all users are fully aware of the news.

To get views and engagement on your videos, spread the word about what you posted on your own Instagram. That way, people who are interested in what you share will know that you have new and unique content waiting for them on IGTV.

Apps will be fully integrated, so your followers will be able to view new videos by clicking on an icon within their own Instagram profile.

Best post formats

IGTV is a very versatile tool. Entrepreneurs, digital influencers and companies of all sizes and branches can take advantage of them.

The key is to produce the right content that aligns with your persona’s interests. Here are some of the best types of videos to get you started producing and publishing on your channel.

1. Teasers

Do you know those short, few-minute videos that can create public anticipation and anxiety? They are called a reaser, which can be translated as provokes, and that is the intention of this type of video.

In IGTV, you can use them to promote the launch of a new product or service, replicate snippets of videos already posted on YouTube or other platforms. Because they are easy to produce, creativity is the limit.

2. Tutorials

Another type of content that is quite successful on IGTV is the tutorials. The goal is to teach the user how to do something or use a product/service offered by the company.

In addition to helping those looking to learn or solve problems, video tutorials create a real connection between producer and audience, as you are effectively helping them. In short, your business becomes a market authority.

3. Reviews

Reviews are at the top of YouTube’s preferences, so it’s natural that this format will be popular with IGTV audiences.

This is a great format for engaging audiences, as it consists of presenting a summary of some product or service. It can be about games, sports, movies, books, products, online tools, etc.

A review should be unbiased, presenting the positives and negatives, adding your perspective on the subject and maintaining a friendly tone.

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