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Information marketing | How to create ebooks & make money selling them

Information marketing is one of the biggest online jobs in the world today. So many people are using this method to make cool cash online. With information marketing, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

information markewting


There are so many people whose lives have changed because they got themselves into the information marketing business and now they smile to the bank.

Believe me when I tell you information marketing is one of the best ways to make money online without doing much work.
Enough chat, let us take a quick view of all the things we will be looking at in this post:

  • What is information marketing?
  • How does it work?
  • How to create an ebook
  • How to sell your ebook

Like I said earlier, many people’s lives have changed because of information marketing and I think it’s high time you joined the club. Here’s a list of some big names who have made it in the information marketing business:

Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase – He is the Chairman of Complete Communications Ltd, a Publisher of Complete Sports Newspaper, Success Digest Daily, and Complete Football. He has earned over 600million naira through information marketing.

Akin Alabi – He is a very talented Information Marketer and Sales Pitch Copywriter. Mr Alabi started his own sports betting company which is now worth over 1 Billion naira from the money he got from information marketing.

Darlinton Omeh – He started information marketing business in 2007 and he is really making big from it. The money he gained from it has also enabled him to venture into some other businesses.

Oluwafisayo Akinlolu – He is a successful information marketer who also took part in Success Digest before it became a free for all platform. His Hulk group of companies was conceived and delivered through Information Marketing business.

Efe Imiren – self acclaimed Information marketing Queen, Efe has built a niche for herself in the information marketing business and is really enjoying a damn lot of money from it.

There are many others whose lives have changed from information marketing but these are the ones we know of for now. You could also be like them one day.

Just take a look at some of the benefits if information marketing:
1. Money: When you start information marketing, you earn a lot of money. Take a look at this case study: If you sell an ebook worth $15 to at least 50 people monthly, you will be earning a total of $750 with just one ebook. Isn’t that just awesome?

2. Build your writing skill: Information marketers who write their book themselves always have mad writing skills. You can us this to practice and write your book by yourself. When you write, you can always make mistakes but the more you make, the smarter you get.

3. Build your portfolio: When you write ebooks, you are stylishly building an amazing portfolio for yourself. With an amazing writer’s portfolio, you can get hired as a freelance writer by a lot of companies and bloggers.

4. Build your brain: When one writes an ebook, they make researches to find accurate facts and information about what they are writing. This will also help to build your brain and make you smarter. Knowledge is power.

What is information marketing?

Information marketing is the act of selling information in the form of ebooks, audios or videosin order to solve a particular problem. You can not just create an ebookor videothat doesn’t solve any problem.

In this post, we will be focusing more on the ebook part of information marketing because that is where most people seem to drift to the most. You have probably bought or read an ebook from someone before,surely you felt enlightened like your eyes just got opened to see what you couldn’t before.

An information marketer doesn’t just create ebooks, they impact knowledge. They are like invincible teachers that just guide you through a book. Reading something from your phone or laptop tends to stick to the brain than when you read from.prints. That’s why ebooks sell very fast and are not easily lost.

How does it work?

Simple way information marketing works is just displayed in this 3 easy steps:

  • You find a common problem
  • Gather solutions
  • Sell the solutions.

That’s just how information marketing works. So many people are engaged in this information but it is not necessarily about tutorials. Once you pass the information somebody is looking for , you are good to go.

It can actually get difficult to put together an ebook sometimes but at the end of the day, it is worth it. In case you are still having doubts about information marketing, don’t because it is just one of the most lucrative inline businesses and for one reason or the order, it is not competitive despite being around for years.

How to create an ebook

You have probably been waiting for this particular part of the post. Well, you can start jubilating because I am going to teach you the best, cheapest and easiest way to create an ebook that will sell.
Before you create your ebook, there are some things you must first put in place and consider. And they are:

1. Who are you selling to?
Everyone has what they are all interested in so it is very important to identify your target audience when you are creating your ebook. You can not create an ebook about starting a photography business and expect old people to buy it. You must set your audience straight so it will make your ebook easier to sell and market.

2. What information are you passing?
The kind of information you are selling is also very important. Most people are more interested in tutorials than any information you will be passing via ebooks. If you can gather some tutorials, you will go a long way in this information marketing business. Once it contains valuable information people want to learn about.

3. What contents does the book contain?
The contents of your ebook are very important. All contents must be adequate for your audience. Take note to the language, writing tone and no use of adult or vulgar words except when you are trying to report a speech and toy should be in the inverted comma so the reader doesn’t feel insulted.

4. Is it safe to buy?
Ebook containing copyright information from another author can be really dangerous to you and your buyer. Also, those with illegal information are unsafe to buy.

To create your ebook, you need to hire a writer or write it yourself if you have the experience. It is not an easy task and it can be time-consuming but it is very cool. If you will be writing it yourself, follow the steps below:


  1. Write all your headings in a small notebook
  2. Draft out all important information that will be contained in the ebook
  3. Head over to your PC and start typing with Microsoft Word
    After typing, proofread and format with headings, bullets, shapes, tables, images and all necessities.
  4. After every detail is added to your taste, convert to PDFand keep about 2 origin NAL copies in your mail and anywhere else you feel is safe.
  5. Hire a graphic designer to create a 3D cover for your ebook.
    Now, you can start selling after it is ready.

How to sell your ebook.

Since the main point of information marketing is selling information, it will be meaningless to create an ebook without selling. Selling your ebook is actually the toughest part of the job because you must meet what people want.

It is not as hard as you may think so let us just see the quickest and best ways to sell an ebook online:

1. Forums: There are so many forums in the world right now. Forums are very useful in marketing and knowing what people want. Quora, for example, is a cool Q&A forum for you. You can ask questions on Quora and get answers to add to your ebook. Also, you can take advantage of it and start selling your ebook. All you have to do is register an account and look for questions related to what you sell. Answer those questions and give a link to refer them to buy your ebook.

Other forums that can help you are warriors forum and nairaland. These two forums can be a great way to get audience and buyers. You just have to create a thread about it, but be careful not to d0 anything against their policies or else you may get banned.

2. Amazon: Jeff Bezos also made amazon an amazing platform to sell your own products. You can also sell ebooks on amazon and get paid.

Amazon is a great way to achieve as many buyers as you want if you know where to look. You can be gathering 100 buyers monthly from amazon alone but your book must be worth something valuable before you expect amazon buyers to make purchases.

3. On your blog: If you have a blog and you are very good at SEO, there is nothing to worry about as you can create a page or shop for your ebook and start selling on your blog.

The purpose of SEO is to get organic traffic that converts. Once you build your blog to get the amount of views you desire, you can start selling your own products. The best way to do this is to have a product review and get enough traffic to that product.

4. Payhip: This is an eCommerce website that offers you to sell any kind of digital product you want. It is free and easy to use. When you register on payhip, you create your own sales page and it offers you the right tools to use in selling this ebook.

It also offers amazing tools such as: discounts, share products and affiliate programs, but they will keep 5% of whatever sales you make.

5. Blurb: 

You can create reflowable ebooks or fixed layout ebooks and blurb will automatically format the book for you in your choice format. You can sell the books to different markets, including Blurb, Amazon, and Apple iBooks Store.

6. LULU: They offer a complete guide on marketing and selling ebooks successfully. They also help you convert them to EPUB or PDF format.

7. Tradebit: This is as well similar to payhip. There is not much to say about them. They also offer affiliate programs.

8. Social media: Either facebook or instagram, social media is always an amazing way to market. Social media marketing has been around for a very long time yet some people can not still find their way around it. You can run ads cheap on social media or create a business account that will allow your audience contact you when they need to buy your ebook. The art of social media marketing is not an easy one but is very profitable especially for information marketing. The use of hashtags and tagging is also a great marketing strategy.

9. Scribd: This is a paid reading service that hosts ebooks on their platform. People pay to read ebooks on scribd and they get a lot of readers daily. When your book is read, you will be paid as it was sold to them but sign up is only possible via affiliate companies like smashwords.

10. Payspree: They host your digital downloadable content ion their website and also offer you tips to successfully sell them. This is what many information marketers use in their business and it has proven to work well. They let you list one item for free and you have to pay $1 per product or a lifetime membership fee of $29.


11. Pay loadsz: Another platform that offers you great tools to sell your products online and host them. . You will get encrypted download page, shareable buttons, ebooks listed in eBay auctions and also a very useful and effective affiliate program.

That is it on information marketing. Once you have created your ebook, start working to achieve your set goal because it is worth it. Information marketing will still be one of the most lucrative online businesses for years to come.

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