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Blogger Vs WordPress | My Research on them



Hello there, after few months of testing both platforms (blogger and WordPress).

I have come up with my own judgement…
Blogger has an advantage in the sense that its free and as such one is only spending money on a custom domain and/or professional template.

For self hosted WordPress, you need to renew your host account and domain yearly, this can be quite expensive. More cash involved if you wish to purchase a professional theme.

For two separate websites running WordPress on one and blogger on the other, with both bloggers putting in the same efforts in their blog, it will be easier for the one running blogger to be approved for Google adsense than it would be for the one running WordPress.

For those who don’t know, blogger is search engine friendly but takes longer for new blogs with a custom domain to get their posts indexed, in other words , you can’t force Google to speed up post indexing.

Although, WordPress is not a product belonging to Google, it has a better chance of ranking higher than blogger blogs. Google loves open source…

Both blogger and WordPress can be customized but this is very limited for those running blogger blogs. WordPress provides unlimited customization areas, from the back-end to the front-end, developers who use divi wordpress theme will understand what I mean.

In all, I have found out that WordPress is better than blogger but blogger can be as good as WordPress.

What made me  switch over to WordPress: I  noticed that my posts on blogger took longer to be indexed on Google search resulting to very poor search traffic unlike with wordpress.

This is not article to make you leave blogger(blogspot), but it is one that will help you know what you should improve.

Any questions? I’ll be happy to help…,thanks

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