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Ntel 4G Data Plans | Subscription Code, Price & Validity

Ntel Nigeria has begun their tarrif and data benefit. Everyone is required at this point to test the Ntel 4G Sim, despite the fact that getting your SIM card is imperative.
In this post, I’ll be teaching you the most recent NTel data bundle in Nigeria and how to buy them your on PC, Android, modem, MiFi and so forth.
Aside from Lagos, Abuja and PH… Other Nigerian States are yet to completely feel the rave and speed of NTel data bundle.
Regardless of grievance raised by unsatisfied customers, they proceed to increasing their data plans yet once more. They went from ₦1000 to ₦1500 and different additions specified below.
With the new NTel data bundle price hike, I can strikingly disclose to you that it doesn’t prevent us from buying and enjoying Ntel’s super fast boundless Internet.

1. Ntel Smartphone Lite

On the off chance that you claim an Android Mobile, iOS or other related savvy devices and need to accomplish something substantial on the web in a brief timeframe, I figure this arrangement ought to be considered on the off chance that you can’t remain awake during the nighttime to use Airtel boundless midnight browsing that gives you free data between the late hours of the day.
With the new  NTel data bundle, you can buy the smartphone lite plan that gives boundless at the cost of ₦1500 and it’s legitimate for two days.

NTel Lite Data Plan Details

Data: Unlimited
Validity: 2 Days
Price: ₦1500

2. NTel Smartphone Weekly 

NTel weekly bundles takes into consideration additionally flexing and downloading. Unlike it’s Lite arrangement, this one allows you to flex extended unlimited on the 4G network. ‎
With the new weekly NTel data bundle, you can buy the smartphone lite plan that gives boundless browsing at the rate of ₦1500 and it’s legitimate for 7 days.

NTel Weekly Data Plan Details

Data: Unlimited
Validity: 7 Days
Price: ₦3,750

3. NTel Smartphone Monthly 

At long last, the monthly plan! This one is for the heavy web clients who can’t resist the urge to remain online each and every day they breath. Indeed, I’m in this classification as well.
On the off chance that you need to download, stream recordings or soccer and watch films on the web, at this point this one ought to be the place you take a gander at. With the Ntel 30 days data bundle, you’d be rest assured that your data won’t terminate inauspicious.

NTel Monthly Data Plan Details

Data: Unlimited
Validity: 30 Days
Price: ₦12,500
The most effective method to Activate Or Subscribe For NTel Data Plans
I’m certain you’re pondering where are the subscription codes connected with these plans.
To answer the inquiry on the best way to buy in to the new Ntel data bundle plans,  Ntel bundles donot presently have any USSD code to subscribe to…
All you need to do to is to, visit any NTel accomplice stores or visit their website 
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