OneCard Visa Credit Card Review

How do Onecard points work?

  • Per the Onecard terms and conditions, every $20 you spend gives you one Onecard point outside of Countdown.
  • For every 200 Onecard Points you have earned you will receive a Onecard Rewards Voucher to the value of $15.
  • This means that to get the $15 voucher, you need to spend $4,000. This calculates to be a 0.375% reward rate (i.e. every $100 you spend gives you 37.50 cents of rewards). 
  • However, you must spend a minimum of $10 (including GST) in a single transaction to qualify for Onecard Points. If you spend $19, you will earn one Onecard point, and if you spend $21, you will earn two Onecard points.
  • Shoppers at Countdown earn double Onecard points, meaning they receive a 0.75% reward rate.
  • To earn enough rewards to match the $65 annual fee, you need to spend around $18,000 (or $9,000 at Countdown)

onecard visa credit card review

Onecard Visa Fees and Interest Rates Summary

  • Annual fee – $65
  • Annual interest rates – Purchases (19.99%) and Cash Advances (22.99%)
  • Late payment fee – $15
  • Onecard point-earning at Countdown – $10 spent = 1 Onecard point
  • Onecard point-earning at all merchants – $20 spent = 1 Onecard point

Onecard Visa Pros and Cons


  • Free delivery on orders over $200 (saving $9/order)
  • Double Onecard points at Countdown 
  • If you shop exclusively at Countdown, the 0.75% reward rate on purchases make it attractive, but you will need to spend at least $9,000 on groceries to match the annual card fee. 
  • 1.90% charge for foreign currency transactions, which is at the lower end of the range charged by banks and credit card providers.


  • Hefty $65 annual fee, meaning ordinary cardholders need to spend at least $8,700 per year outside of Countdown to earn enough Onecard rewards to match the account fee. 
  • The 19.99% annual percentage rate for purchases is high compared to that offered by low-interest credit cards. If you are sometimes unable to make balance payments in full, there are far better value alternatives on offer.
  • Visa ranks below Mastercard for foreign exchange fees. This means that if you use this card overseas, you’ll pay more relative to a Mastercard (all other things being equal).  
  • Onecard vouchers expire after 12 months

Is Onecard Visa still useful?

  • If you online shop at Countdown and would spend $200+ regularly, the free delivery and double Onecard points can quickly add up. For example, a $200 spend every fortnight would save around $250 in delivery costs alone, making the card well worth it.
  • If you tend to shop around and don’t have a huge grocery bill at Countdown, nor choose to get home delivery, the benefits are too few to make it a competitive credit card. Spending $8,700 each year to earn enough Onecard points to match the annual fee doesn’t shout good value to us.
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