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PayPal Nigeria: All you need to know

Are you looking for information on PayPal Nigeria? Well, you have arrived at the right place. Paypal is an internationally recognized platform for receiving and sending payments online.

You might have come across PayPal through a friend, google search, social media or words of a complete stranger.

Paypal Nigeria is a country a specific PayPal account for only Nigerians.


You should be aware that PayPal has restricted Nigerians from transferring directly from PayPal to their respective Nigerian bank accounts.

Paypal is one of the most popular payment gateways in the whole world. Many companies and individuals use PayPal to transfer funds and shop online. It is 100% secure, easy to use and straight forward.

Here are some of the things we will talk about in this post:

  • How to create PayPal account in Nigera and link your card to your PayPal account
  • What bank debit cards can you link to PayPal account?
  • How to send funds from PayPal to payoneer
  • How to withdraw from PayPal directly into your bank account in Nigeria
  • How to buy and sell PayPal funds

How to create PayPal account in Nigeria

If you don’t still have a PayPal account at this stage when everything is going digital, you better do so ASAP!

Creating a PayPal account is as easy as creating a Gmail account. No coding knowledge, no external understanding is needed.

All you do is fill in boxes and click buttons…literally.

So if you think it will be to add to create your PayPal account, you man ght want to have a rethink because it is as easy as ABC. Well, not ABC but you get the gist, right? 😉

Can we dive on? Good. Now follow the steps on how to create a PayPal account in Nigeria. It is completely free and you can do it directly from your phone.

1. Open your browser and go to I suggest you use chrome browser for this operation or turn off your data saving mode on opera mini to get full features.

2. Click on “sign up for free”

3. Select if it is a personal or business account you are creating. The personal account is where you link your own personal debit card while the business is where you link your company’s debit card.

Since thus is your first time, please choose the personal account.

4. After that, select “continue” and you will see a dropdown box displaying Nigeria. That’s your country. If you are creating for someone outside Nigeria, then you should should be edit that and choose the country of your choice.

5. Fill the remaining fields with your correct details.

6. In the next e, you will be asked for for some personal details feel it and continue.

7. Fill your address and make sure it matches your bank account address

8. A new page open where you fill your debit card. You will be charged the naira equivalent of $2 from your debit card

9. Return to the email you filled and click on verify

10. No that’s all your account has been set up you can test it by sending like $10 or $15 to someone else

What debit cards can you use on PayPal?

Virtually, all nigerian debit cards can be used to your paypal account. It doesn’t have a specification. You can use any debit card you wish. If you use FCMB, GTBank, Polaris Bank. It doesn’t matter. All debit cards are accepted by PayPal.

How to send funds from PayPal to payooner

You can also send funds from your PayPal account to your payoneer account easily without any stress.

Just follow the steps below and it will be resolved within minutes:

How to buy and sell PayPal funds in Nigeria

Buying and selling PayPal funds in Nigeria is as easy as you can imagine. I know you might be wandering why on earth will someone want to buy PayPal money. Well, the truth is that buying and selling PayPal money is actually easier than you can expect.

This is so because many people will only buy at a cheaper rate. For example, the rate of naira to dollar is N362/$1 but but people actually buy it for less cheaper price for example can buy it for 320 naira to 1 dollar.

I’ve seen people who sell paypal money for as low as 300 naira to 1 dollar. All you have to do is search facebook for “paypal funds needed”.

For example look at the picture below you will see a search on facebook for paypal funds needed and below are some results you will get.

so what are you waiting for head on to and start creating your account asap

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