Convert MTN Airtime to Cash at 15

Date Published: January 9, 2023
Category: Products

Features 2.x The 2.x branch is actively developed and has the following improvements over the 8.x-1.x version. The new version is however still experimental and might missing some 8.x-1.x features, specifically extensibility and integrations through hal+json normalizers. A more compact YAML-based normalization format Identifiers like ID, revision id, changed and revision timestamps and other fields are no longer exported Built-in support for composite entities like paragraphs in a single file User 0/1 are no longer exported but referenced by ID Support for translations Support for files (stored as files in the same folder as the normalized file enitties, filename must be unique) Support for entity references in link fields Improved support for path fields including the pathauto skip flag


Adeleye Ayodeji
January 9, 2023

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