Problems of psychological and pedagogical adaptation of students to studying

Consideration and study of the problem of psychological and pedagogical adaptation of the first-year-student to the conditions of education or essay writing in a higher educational establishment involve, first of all, the specification of the concept of adaptation. Understanding and interpreting the phenomenon of adaptation to the situation of studying in a higher education institution may be different.

Why is it difficult to get used to higher education?

As a rule, the problem of adaptation for the college or to the various task such as custom essay  writing is violated with respect to new, unfamiliar to the individual situations that are of significant or even vital importance to it. This means that non-adaptation can with high probability lead to mental illness of the individual, become distressed, a serious threat to his vital interests. Adaptability is manifested in the inadequate understanding of the situation, in the way of action, which increases the adverse and threatening situation.

Thus, the freshmen have difficulty in learning because they have not developed such personality traits as readiness for learning, the ability to study independently, control and evaluate themselves, own their own individual peculiarities of cognitive activity, the ability to properly distribute their working time for self-training. The teacher of a higher education institution should help a freshman student overcome these difficulties and give him some writing help.

Why are there difficulties?          

Students face with difficulties due to psychological unpreparedness to mastering the chosen profession, which adversely affects the process of adaptation. In general, the problem that determines the adaptation process and its significance is the eternal problem of mismatches of subjective expectations and existing real-life conditions. There is a contradiction between the intellectual, creative, personal potential of the student, on the one hand, and the possibilities of its implementation, which provides the educational institution, on the other.

However, this adaptation process does not happen automatically. Even the graduation course can identify individuals. The learning process is subordinate many factors, and not all of them contribute to successful adaptation. The ability to realize itself in many forms of activity envisaged in a higher education institution, and determine adaptability to student life.

To overcome these problems, you need to provide the first-year student with adequate feedback and emotional support. All this can be done both in the advisory and in the training form with the help of essay writing, for example.

Separately, there are two more groups of problems to be identified:

  • the problems of visiting (rural) students;
  • problems intellectually or creatively gifted learners.

Admitted students, in addition to adapting to the conditions of study at a higher education institution, are also adapting to living conditions in a new city for them, and at the same time to live in a hostel. Thus, psycho-pedagogical work with the freshman should include familiarization with the situation and typical problems of studying at a higher education institution.

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