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Rant Money Income Program Review: Make up to N1000 Daily

Rant money or Rantmoney is an online income program that pays you to perform simple tasks online. If you have been keeping up with the trends in Nigeria, you will notice that income programs are currently the booming stuff everywhere now.

Rant money income revenue program

Rant Money Income Program Review

For some time now, you have been buying data just to keep up with the latest happenings in the country. What if I told you there was somewhere you will be getting rewarded for reading news?
Wait, that sounds familiar, right? It is just like NNU income program but with a slight difference.

Rant money is a cool income program that shares their revenue with their readers. The main scope behind rant money is to raise a steady income among students, youths and anyone who is willing to do some online work to get some real cash every month.

This income program is a very advantageous one because it creates a side job for everyone to be making money on a monthly basis. No matter what you do: lawyer, doctor, student, driver, marketer, teacher, accountant or whatever career you are doing, rant money is safe and secured for you.

Let us first dive into a list of some of the things we will be discussing in this post:

  • What is rant money
  • What is RMRS?
  • What is RMAP?
  • How do I make money on rant money?
  • How to get more referrals on Rant money?
  • Is rant money legit?

What is Rant money?

As I have mentioned earlier, rant money is an online platform that pays you to read news and perform simple tasks you already do everyday. On rant money, you can be making up to N1000 daily and more than N10000 monthly. It is a very easy way to make money online.

Compared to most online businesses in Nigeria, it is less complicated. You can read this post on different ways to make money in Nigeria

Rant money was recently launched and it has already gathered a lot of positive responses from people across Nigeria. With rant money, you can even have a steady online presence and start a work from home side job.

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What is RMRS?

RMRS is an acronym for Rant Money Revenue Sharing. Rant money earns from the ads displayed on their website so they pay you a portion of what they gained per month for your hard work.

Proper calculations have been made to estimate how much they will gain and how much you can be paid so there is nothing to worry about.

Members of rant money are called “ranters” and they are paid for logins, shares, comments, posting forums topics and referring people to the program.

What is RMAP?

RMAP is an acronym for Rant Money Affiliate Program. Ranters earn 62.5% commission for any other ranter they refer to sign up on the platform. To sign referrals, you will need a unique link that will enable them join. You will get credited into your rant money account after confirmation of referral.

To get an affiliate account, you must sign up with a sum of N1500 only. You will be given your own unique referral link to sign up referrals.
When you sign people up, you earn 62.5% which is N1000 for only one person. If you can refer more than 10 people, that will mean you earn 10k on just referring 10 people. Isn’t that cool?

However, referral is not that easy to get. So at the end of this post, we will be talking about the various ways to get referrals.

How do I make money on Rant money?

Click here to Register on Rant Money with N1,500

There are many ways to make money on rant money. To make money on rant money, you just need to share posts, comment, refer people, and share your posts on the forum. It is just as easy as ABC.

However, to ensure that you get paid, you must have at least two referrals and a minimum of 5k before cash out.

How to get more referrals on Rant Money

Getting referrals on any platform can prove to e a daunting task sometimes but we have you covered in this post. We are going to be dripping the secret ways to get referrals for your rant money account.

Believe it or not, rant money affiliate program is the best way to earn from rant money.
Follow any if these this below to start getting massive referrals on rant money:
1. Forums: Forums are occupied by lots of people and they are usually active. A forum I will recommend for anyone to get a referral is nairaland. Nairaland is currently the 3rd largest forum in the world and number 1 in Africa. It is used by more than 2 million people and it is very easy to get at least 10 referrals from here.

The trick is to create a catchy heading and an enticing post that will get people interested in signing up on rant money. After your whole post, drop your contact details below it and ask interested people to contact you. From there, you will get people who are interested.

If you can not drip your contact, ask them to drop their and contact them. Another advisable forum is and

2. Facebook groups: This is somehow the most efficient way to get referrals on rant money. There are many active Facebook groups which their posts get at least 500 comments. These groups are very useful for marketing products.

Most of these groups are usually about relationships, football, school, jokes. Just follow the same step you followed in your forum post and use it here too. If you can get payment proofs, also screenshot them and ads below the post and get your referrals.

3. Seminars: You know those cool seminars where people decide to start advertising their products. Why can’t you also take that opportunity and reach out to everyone present at the seminar.

Seminars are really a cool place to meet influential people and people that are willing to invest their money in different businesses.

Is rant money legit?

I know in your mind, you might be asking yourself this question: is rant money a scam? No, it isn’t. Rant money is a legit platform and they pay on monthly basis between 27-30 of the month. If you don’t get paid, your earnings will just be accumulated in the next month and you will be paid.

Rant money is 100% legit but there is something you should know.
One can not fully trust online businesses but we can try your best and see what comes out of it.
So you can join rant money here and start making money online.

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