Sliide airtime new policy for etisalat users for new n existing users

New sliide awoof trick for etisalat n its user

Download Sliide airtime

Verify your number and email

Goto your active email and you will see the sliide promotion support

Press it

Press verify

Goto your Sliide airtime

Press claim code


Press apply

your airtime will change from #10 to #35

Goto Invite

Press the code you wish to be using

Get your friends,mummy,daddy,etc phones

Send the app via xender or use the link above

Make they verify the number n email

tell them to press claim code

Press your code you generate

press apply

your airtime n their own will increase

the more you give people your code,the more your airtime increases

To cash out the airtime

press cash out

press the figure the you have earn start from #50 to #200

press cash out

the offer for Etisalat user:

Dial *611*1# to get 250% bonus

cash out your airtime from sliide airtime and get 250% bonus

please dial it before you cash out your airtime

Now,Sliide airtime grant etisalat user chance to recharge their data instead of cashing out airtime,you will cash out data(200mb for #200 for 1week)

to do this

earn more airtime via inviting n via get #250 for inviting first 5people n let the airtime in your sliide airtime reach 200 above

then press cash out

press 200mb

and dial *228# to check

Incase you have two etisalat sim

Download parallel space

Press the envelope like shape

press more

Press slide airtime n it will be add to your menu

Open it n verify your num and email

Make sure that your num is in sim 1

Make sure you dont use the email you have use before

Then repeat the procedures above

The offer for the sliiide user:

Try as much as possible to give five people your code or more than

and you will rewarded with extra #250 airtime bonus with the airtime you want to cash out

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  • Do it work on telkom network in south Africa??
    And how do I do that cashing out aitime

    Please email your answer

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