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How to start a data reselling business in Nigeria

Data reselling business is one of the best ways to make money in Nigeria these days. There are so many data resellers you will find around you nowadays, but there is never scarcity in buyers. One thing I am sure of is that Nigerians cannot go two days without. Data has become a very important commodity and it is high time you took advantage of it. In this post, we will be showing you how to get started in your data reselling business.

Data reselling is not rocket science. You don’t need to stress yourself learning how to code or write programs. All you need to learn is simple marketing tricks and you are on your way to making extra income into your account everyday. There is no limit to how much you can be making weekly from data reselling. The good thing we love most about data reselling is the fact that you keep getting recurring customers.

Before we dive any further, let me ask you some questions?

  • How many times do you subscribe weekly?
  • How much data do you subscribe weekly?
  • Have you ever been paid to recharge your own data?

On average, people buy data every week. You will see the telecom company telling you that your data lasts for a month but will it really reach up to two weeks? Now, imagine the potential amount of money you can make if you have up to 20 people buying from you weekly. Some people will buy 1GB, 2GB or 5GB. It all depends on what they want to use it for and how much they need. You can also buy your data at a much more cheaper price than you norm ally buy directly from the telecom company.

As we have mentioned earlier, you don’t need any coding knowledge. With just common sense, you can easily make money online selling data to people.

Things you need before becoming a data reseller

There are very few things needed for you to start the business. These things are within your reach and you don’t need to stress yourself or spend so much money. Of cos, every business requires a capital to start (no matter how small), this one requires a very minimal capital. You don’t need to have five figures in your account before you can start your own data reselling business.

  1. Data connection: You will surely need data to surf the internet and register with the company through your browser. So it is important that you have enough data and a stable connection so you can register and complete your registration withing 5 minutes.
  2. Smartphone/PC: You can use a smartphone or a PC to perform all operations easily. For a better experience, you are advised to use a PC if you have one. If you cannot afford a PC, make good use of your google chrome browser. This is a cool browser that also grants you the PC browsing experience when you switch to desktop view.

How to start a data reselling business

Starting a data bundle reselling business has become easier than ever. You need to know the basis of data reselling before you dive into it, so i will take a few seconds to tell you what it is about. Data reselling is when you buy data at a lower price than you sell it to people’s number.

People pay you directly to your account and you send data to their respective phone numbers from the funds you have in  your wallet. For example, if you buy MTN data at N470/GB, you can resell it at N600/GB. This will make you an extra amount of money from just one sale. You can as well refer friends to become resellers and make extra money.

You have surely seen those banners on your friend’s WhatsApp status or posters on the streets asking people to come and buy MTN, GLO, Airtel or 9mobile data at a reduced rate. All you need to do is get one customer who will refer people to start buying from you on a regular basis. Well, let us go into how to actually start data reselling.

NB: You can also help people perform Bulk SMS and cable subscription

Follow the steps below to start your own data bundle reselling business. There are not much things to do.

1. Register with a company

There are so many ways to get data cheaper than the ones you get from those telecom networks. MTN sell their data at N1000 for 1GB but you can get yours at N470 and resell at any price you want. There is jumia one app, epinmobile and a host of many others but the recommended one for you is VTUKING.NG. Vtuking is easy to use and very fast in delivery. They sell data at cheaper prices than most data reselling sites. Head on to and register with your correct details. Make sure your password is correct as well.

2. Fund your account

The next thing to do is fund your account with at least N1000. This will make it easier for you to quickly sell data to first person that orders for it. When you want to send the data, you can choose to deduct it from your account. E.g if you have N1000 funded in your and you sell MTN data at N600 twice to two people, you will earn N200 profit and also 1% of the sale directly to your dashboard. Maqny people make up to 10 sales daily on MTN alone and this earns them about N10,000 weekly from just selling one network. If you can manage to get about 100 sales weekly, then you can be making up to 20k weekly not just selling data but also doing cable subscription and all sorts of things.

It is one thing to become a data reseller and another thing to get customers. How do you expect to get those customers when you are sitting down posting on your status. There are other ways to get people to buy data from you at cheaper prices.

  • Pay for ads
  • Sponsor posts on blogs
  • Create a website

This is how to start your own data reselling business. With proper strategic planning, you will be surprised how far you can go in this business.

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  • Am interested. How do I go about full registration and funding of wallet. More light is needed please.

  • How much is that guide? What will be the procedure if i want to learn how to print recharge çards of various network? Now I want to register for data reselling, where is the form to fill? I want you to tell me the latest price of 1gig of all networks

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