Tigo Ghana free 3gb for 30days

tigo Ghana free 3gb for 30days


Active Tigo Ghana sim

Download imei analyser

Download mtk engineer mode

Both on play store or

Tweak this imei

Change the last two or three digit or last 5 or 4 digit

How to tweak imei via mtk

firstly,generate a valid imei

Open the imei analyser

Copy the imei number given

Clear the last two number or three number

Put one add to it

Press analyse

You will see 15 digit number at ‘full imei’

Press the last num in that full imei to add to the number in the box

Press analyse

copy the number

Open your mtk engineer mode

Press mtk settings

Swipe your phone to left

Press Cds information

Press radio information

Press phone 1 if your mtn sim is in sim 1

Press phone 2 if your mtn sim is in sim 2

But I advise you to put it in sim 1 as in your mtn sim

You will see AT in a box

Press the box,type e

It will bring at emgr”1′”7″”

Paste the imei number in between “”

I.e at emgr”1″7″3467658578645″

Space At and emgr”1″7″34567765677″

Press send.

You will see at command sent

Put your phone at airfight mode for 1min

Off it back

then goto your message

send DM to 454

You will see a message saying

“Dear customers, your request could not be processed,dial *#06# on your phone n send your imei to 454”

then send your imei to 454

then you will see a message that

“Congratulation,you have been rewarded with free 3gb for 30days n 1gb for YouTube streaming”


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