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Top Tips to Help You Browse Through Betway

The gambling community had another great addition to its online betting portals in the form of Betway.

What is Betway?

If you’re looking to bet reliably and fast, you’re in luck. The official sponsor of the English Premier League team Westham United, Betway is the newest betting platform that focuses on no less than 16 sports for betting. From tennis to cricket and rugby to boxing it has them all.

Betway free bet

But the most popular sport that this bookmaker offers without any doubt is football and the English Premier League is currently at top of the list of punters. What’s different about Betway is that it allows ‘Live Betting’. Most betting platforms don’t take in bets after the match starts, but betway does.

How Does Betway Work?

Like any legit betting site, Betway users must have an account to place bets. It is simple to create an account all one needs to do is fill in the details and submit.

But that’s not it, there’s still a few more things to take care of like verification. After creating an account user must upload a few documents and bank details (It’s safe) and send them to a link Betway provides. Within 48 hours the Betway team verifies your account after checking your credentials.

If you are in Africa, you can easily deposit your money. There are options to use credit or debit cards, but it is not recommended as there is a risk of the account getting terminated.

Neteller is an e-money transfer service that transfers money to and from online retailers and customers. As betting is illegal in some countries, Betway makes sure that the gamblers are not using their bank accounts.

Is Betway Safe?

Some games are always illegal to bet on, however, Betway is completely safe in terms of data handling. Details entered on this platform are not distributed to anyone or cannot be accessed by hackers easily. They have a tough security system to keep the betting experience from becoming a disaster.

Overall, Betway is genuine and your cash is in safe hands with the bookmaker.

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Does it have a Mobile App?

Betway has an app in-store for the account holders too. And the mobile application functions seamlessly to guarantee an enjoyable betting experience.

Along with that Betway offers its users a free bonus of $35 to new customers after their verification is done. So, you can use that bonus to place bets and if you win that will be a double bonus! Currently, the minimum deposit amount for Betway is $20 to start betting.

To sum it up, Betway is a great and reliable platform to place bets online from any place at any time. It has live betting and gives members a bonus of $35 after successful verification. At present, football lovers are using Betway to gamble on their favourite clubs and players in the English Premier League at large.

Have you tried it out yet?

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