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TopUp Africa: Get Free Airtime Recharge per Referral

Last year TopUp Africa started with N100 referral bonus for its users, but later reduced it to 70 Naira, from 70 Naira down to 50 Naira and lastly from 50 Naira to just 10 Naira After massive traffic and a huge number of users installed the app. Probably not to be on the losing side because of the huge money they will lose as people keep on earning huge money with their referral bonus service.

But today, Am glad to inform you once more that TopUp Africa has now increased the bonus back to a decent amount of 100NGN which was the initial referral bonus.

Topup Africa (TUA)

Topup Africa (TUA)

Now, as they have increased it back to 100 Naira, This means if 5 people registered through your referral link, you get 500 Naira and if 50 people registered through your link, you get a whopping amount of N5,000 Naira! Cool right

If you aren’t yet using TopUp Africa App, you are missing a lot, others are busy enjoying the amazing goodies and benefiting from the referral bonuses accrued from this app coming as profits for introducing more users to the service.

When you refer someone and he/she registers, you get free 100 Naira. The more you refer, the more you tend to get free money.

Remember that this referral bonus can be used to buy recharge cards via the top up app, pay for your DStv subscriptions, GOtv, and Startimes subscriptions. You can also use it to pay for electricity bills or to pay for other subscription like Skype (Voucher), Google play store and iTunes app store (Gift cards), Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Xbox, etc. More Interestingly, you can send it (cash out) to your bank account or transfer to your friend’s account.

TopUp Africa is a one-stop-shop for a wide spectrum of services and your mobile phone is your starting shop! You also get profits, cashback, and many more offers. You can be rewarded with CASHBACK if you buy airtime, send money, pay for GoTv subscriptions, DSTV, Startimes or PHCN or any other bills available on the app. Once, you pay via the app, you get some cash back instantly.‎

 Topup Africa – Getting Started

  1. Download TopUp Africa App Here.
  2. Install the app and register with a valid mobile number, create new pin then login
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to use it for any transaction you want to make inside the app.
  4. You will get cash bonuses whenever you top up your airtime, pay bills, and so on via the app. You will also get bonuses on Every referral up to 100 Naira.

How to Get Your TopUp Africa Referral Link

Simply click on SHARE AND EARN. Then share to Facebook, Email, Telegram, WhatsApp or any other place of your choice.‎ Check the image below for more‎


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  • Hi please I downloaded the Topup app as per instructions and it was all u said it is except I can’t find the Share and Earn icon in the App so it’s totally impossible to get a referral link and enjoy the bonus that comes with sharing and referring others, have checked the App continuously but can’t find anything please help

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