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As the name of the company might imply, Tudor Games is involved with computer games.  Specifically, they are involved with the “development of video games for personal computers (PC) and mobile platforms.”  They appear to be well-organized in their approach to the fulfillment of this mission with “two departments with qualified specialists: creative and technical (IT). The creative department includes: sound technicians, graphic animators, moderators, game designers, producers, artists, screenwriters, etc. They create and depict worlds in which people will want to plunge. Technical department includes: programmers, system administrators, technical support specialists, engineers, analysts, etc. They are in charge of the monitoring competent work of the creative process, fixing the equipment and testing ready-made programs.”  My background is in engineering and, in light of my own personal experience, it would appear that they have all the bases covered.  If they have competent people on board, they could do very well.

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Tudor Games offers two investment plans that are aptly named the “Mobile Devices” plan and the “Personal Computers” plan.  Let’s call them the “MD” and “PC” plans for short.  The MD plan pays 1% interest for 11 business days and returns your deposit at the end of the investment period.  The PC plan pays 4.4% interest for 35 business days and includes your deposit as part of your interest earnings.  Aside from the fact that the investment plans are based on business days rather than calendar days, they are easy to understand.  This isn’t always the case with HYIPs as sometimes the investor has to struggle to understand how an investment plan works.  Working a few numbers in my head, it also looks like the Tudor Games investment plans are “conservative,” meaning that they do not promise insane returns which will be impossible for the company to sustain in the long term.  So, Tudor Games may have something for us that will be worth our while to take a very serious look at.


Analysis of the Tudor Games Investment Plans.


Here is the information describing the investment plans as it is given in the website:


Mobile Devices

1% for 11 business days

Principal back

$10 – $10,000

Personal Computers

4.4% for 35 business days

Principal returned with interest

$30 – $30,000


It’s important to note that the DNIs of BOTH plans are in the right ballpark in-so-far-as sustainability of the overall program is concerned.  In the article in HYIP(that you can read here), we suggested that programs with investment plans having DNIs of less than 1% would have a relatively high chance of surviving in the long term.  The MD plan is well within this range and the PC plan is only a tad over it.  So, if the program is run wisely, from the point of view of the returns it is obligated to pay its investors, there is the potential for long term survivability.

At present, Tudor Games uses Perfect Money, Payeer, and Bitcoin as its payment processors.  Withdrawals are processed manually and it can take up to 48 hours for this to occur.  It looks like Tudor Games only processes withdrawals on Business days.  So, if you submit a withdrawal request on a Friday, I wouldn’t expect to receive any funds until the following Tuesday.  The minimum withdrawal amount is $1 for Perfect Money and Payeer and $20 for Bitcoin.

Tudor Games has a satisfactory affiliate program that pays 5%, 2%, 1%, and 1% on deposits made in the first four levels of a person’s downline.  You don’t have to have an active deposit in order to benefit from this affiliate program.  For more serious players that have an active deposit of at least $1,000 or have attracted investors with deposits of at least a total of $10,000, these commissions are upped to 8%, 3%, 2%, and 1%.  A person in this category is referred to as a “Representative” and must communicate with the Tudor Games Admin to have his status as a Rep confirmed.


Support options with Tudor Games are good.  There is a support email address as well as the standard contact for me.    No hours of operation of the chat desk are given.  That would be helpful.


All in all, I like the Tudor Games investment program.   However, the investment plans are conservative and appear to be well thought out.  By conservative, I mean that they should have a decent chance of surviving in the long term.



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