How To Use Spotify Web Player On Your Android Device

​Spotify internet player is one of the pleasant and innovative music participant utility. It comes with many features. And the maximum staggering aspect approximately Spotify is its massive database. you could find and listen to any Music using Spotify.


Connect with your buddies if they’re on Spotify and share music throug sending/receiving messages. discover new songs, locate artists, listen to the radio, create your playlists, download songs and so forth, using this application.


however lamentably, Spotify web player is not available for all the locations in the world. it’s far available for the united states, united kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Netherland and some others. properly, it doesn’t suggest that you can’t use Spotify.


beneath is the entire guide to using Spotify net player on your Andriod even though it’s limited to your location..


Steps To Use Spotify Internet On Android Device


As I stated earlier that Spotify net player is most effective available for a few countries, you would have to tweak settings or use some clever technique to get Spotify web player operating on your Android. Like in case you live in Nigeria and you try to download Spotify to your Andriod it will not appear within the search results in your Playstore. So, how can you use Spotify web player on your Andriod? nicely, don’t fear, here is a whole working technique to download and use Spotify in your Android if it is not available for your location.



I. Download TunnelBear VPN


The first actual step you’ll ought to do so as to download Spotify on your Android is to browse anonymously or privately which you could reap with a VPN. Tunnelbear is a unfastened VPN available for Android as well as for pc. you could find the Tuneelbear VPN in the Google playstore and then download it.


it’s going to ask you to create an account to apply the VPN service. So, fill your information after which create an account. After that log in to your TunnelBear VPN account. It offers you 500MB totally free and you could get 1 GB more unfastened data for personal browsing with the aid of sharing it via your Twitter account.


Now, pick the area as the UK or US and turn on the VPN. as soon as it is completely connected, proceed to the following step.



II. Download And Set Up Spotify Net Player


Now, as you are surfing the internet from uk area, you can without difficulty locate Spotify on PlayStore. So, locate the application and install for your device. ensure that the Tunnelbear VPN is hooked up in any other case you won’t be able to locate the Spotify application on PlayStore if it isn’t always available in the location you are using from your tunnelbear vpn.



III. Create An Account


launch the Spotify application as soon as it is correctly installed. Create your free Spotify account with the aid of using your email id or you may also log in through your facebook account. Do, as consistent with your desire. I signed up using my fb account as it best calls for 1-2 clicks to signup and login. but again ensure that Tuneelbear VPN is attached and your area is connected to united kingdom ip address, otherwise Spotify will display an error when when you are signing up and you won’t be able to sign up again.



IV. Use Spotify


So, your unfastened Spotify account is prepared to use. you are now connected to masses of songs online. Radio is likewise available to explore latest songs. It additionally offers the explore feature from which you may get all the recent songs and albums.


Create your very own playlist and upload as many songs or entire album to it. in case you need to experience the superior functions of Spotify then you may improve to the top class account. however the most important element is to use VPN otherwise you will be block out immediately.



that’s it on how to use spotify on you Android mobile, in case you face any trouble following the above step please let us know using the comment box below.

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