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Why The Price Of Bitcoin is Dangerously Parabolic at 8-Month High ?

The world’s number one cryptocurrency today settled a new intraday best towards $6,989 on US-based exchange Coinbase, its peak since September 5, 2018. The sustained uptrend pushed bitcoin to post a net bottom-rebound of 122.69-percent. At the same time, it pushed the asset’s year-to-date performance to 83.98-percent.

The move shows traders’ willingness to purchase bitcoin at newly-established higher highs, leading to a parabola formation. Looking back, a parabolic move happens when an asset moves upward in an active bullish channel, performs one upside breakout after another without breaking a sweat, and prompts people to chase the price.

In a parabolic action, the buyers buy because the price is going up. They seldom care about the underlying fundamentals that might or might not be pumping the asset. Then, almost too suddenly, the price pursues a series of volatile downside corrections before establishing a full-fledged bear market (worst case). Traders who might have purchased the asset at session high are the one’s who lose the most.


Bitcoin, now at the center of a bullish orgy, is forming a traditionally-recognized parabolic pattern anyway. A young asset that it is, bitcoin has seen similar parabola formations three times in its decade-old market. The first two parabola formations took place in 2013, while the other happened in 2017. Each one ended up in a severe crash / mess , albeit reigniting amazing upside moves later.

One cannot predict the length of the ongoing bitcoin parabolic move. The long-term outlook sets the price anywhere above $20,000, as predictedby one-too-many bitcoin bulls. But lookout, the longer the parabola formation is, the bigger the correction would be. For example , the 2017’s upside action reached its apex in nine-months, but its correction lasted for more than 12 months. Similarly, one of the 2013’s parabola took eleven-months to form and 13-months to bottom-out.

“Last time BTC was this overbought (RSI) on a daily chart was December 6, 2017, with price at $13700,” said Krüger. “Back then, a parabolic move ensued.”

Alex Krüger@krugermacro

Last time $BTC was this overbought (RSI) on a daily chart was December 6, 2017, with price at $13700. Back then, a parabolic move ensued .


Bitcoin price could trend further into its overbought territory, especially when mouth-watering upside targets between $7,000-$7,500 are within reach. But eventually, the asset could be looking at a massive correction. Based on the height of the ascending channel, bitcoin’s downside target could quickly close below $6,000.

Bitcoin is still an amazing asset/investmentl. But this article could prove as a warning to those who have bills to pay in the close future.

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