Zoto latest earning policy for their new n existing user

Zoto latest earning policy for new users


Zoto app(Download from Playstore)

Active Atm card(Mastercard)

Download Zoto from play store

Open it

Press your active network number there

Wait for SMS otp from zoto

Press your name n your active email

Tick I have referral code


Press continue

You will see your network logo

Under it,there is a box

Press 50

Press proceed

Press apply coupon

press TEN in the box

Press continue

Press new card

Press i understood

Press your ATM card details

Press OK

It will bring a otp page

Press soft token or any stuff it bring

Wait for some minute the bank used will send your otp

Press the digit sent to the box below

Press submit

Press ok

It will bring Payment Sucessful

Then Wait for Some minute to get your airtime you buy and In the next 24hrs,Zoto will send #500 airtime to your Zoto wallet n you can cash out anytime you wish

How to get your refferal code to be gvin to your friends so that you can earn airtime into zoto wallet upto 40,000 as the maximum earning

Make your First payment above

Press invite n earn

You will see your refferal code

Copy and Give it to your friends or relatives as i explain above n repeat the step I stated above

You can also add airtime to your wallet zoto cash
N get #250

Using coupon Wallet
With #50 from your bank account

Note: Zoto is just like Quickteller that you used for buying n sending airtime but their own different is that they give out bonus when you make you first recharge n normal recharge instead of using your bank apps to recharge
Make sure you have some amount in your bank account,this is not a mean of frauding anybody money,I do it and it is real,zoto is verified n approved by Nigeria government and banks,so don’t be panic

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