Zoto new offer for new n existing users

zoto new offer for existing n new users

Zoto is celebrating 1million users this month for new n existing users.
for existing users
Goto Google playstore

update your zoto

open it n claim your free #500 airtime

For new user

Goto playstore

download zoto n enter your details

enter new zoto code

press again

and claim free #500 airtime

in case you want to get more than free #500 airtime fr the new users

press invite n earn

pres enter referral code

press IGENIY

press make first payment

press 50 in the box

press proceed

press securely

press coupon as zoto100 if it bring the spaces

press ok

press new card

press your atm card details

press ok

enter new zoto code

press it again

it will load your mastercard page

press soft token

press your otp code from bank

press OK

you will see recharge successful

wait fr 24hours to get free #500


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